3 - Bobby Brown

6-1, 165 Point Guard
N/A Senior
09/24/84 (36.1 yrs)
Los Angeles, CA
High School
2006 Statistics
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
86 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Speedy Claxton

Matthew Maurer – 3/2/2007

Strengths: Brown is an above average athlete blessed with excellent quickness Possesses legit NBA three point range on his jumper Most impressive is he has shown the ability to shoot off the dribble with consistency Has no problem gaining separation from his defender as he displays a quick first step Once in the lane, Brown does a great job of looking to dish off to open teammates if the lane is congested Has improved greatly on shooting from mid-range at to 18 feet off the dribble Explosive scorer with the ability to get in a zone and reel off big points in a hurry Underrated playmaking ability, has improved by leaps and bounds controlling the tempo and getting teammates involved in the offense Shows a willingness to pass despite his scorers mentality Good basketball IQ, understands the game well Creative in his finishes, when driving to the basket he owns a nice teardrop, floater and finger roll to score over bigger opponents Body control allows him t5o pull off difficult moves in traffic Quick release, he needs little time to get his shot off Defensively he is blessed with solid lateral quickness and quick hands to make an impact Potentially he still has a good deal of improvement left to fill

Weaknesses: Size could hurt him in the NBA as he lacks great length and body weight Struggles to finish after contact due to his lack of upper body strength Sometimes Brown gets to caught up shooting from behind the three point line This can affect him as he doesnt attack the basket like a guard with his athletic ability should Defensively he has all the tools but lacks a good intensity level To his credit this could be due to level of competition While greatly improved from last year, Brown can still go through periods of inconsistent play Some nights he plays like a first rounder, others he doesnt fully apply himself and dominate Can get out of control on his drives to the basket Shot selection remains questionable at times as he will launch out of frustration Can get careless with the ball at times as he tends to get too flashy which undoubtly has led to some turnovers Puts up great stats, but competition level isn’t the highest level … Can get caught up in trying to be too flashy and make the easy play difficult …

Aran Smith – 12/9/2005

Strengths: Point guard with a great feel for the position … Makes those around him better … Great vision and good timing on passes … An excellent shooter, with good shot selection and range … Makes good decisions and finds shots within the flow of the game, looking to get everyone involved and shooting when necessary … Athletic guard with good explosiveness, he’ll rise up and dunk on opponents when given the chance … Almost too unselfish, teammates really enjoy having him on their team … Very good at using tear drops in the lane over big men … Ambidextrous, can use either hand on shots within 5-8 feet of the basket … Plays under control with excellent body balance … Good defender, who’s effective in the full court press using his leaping ability to tip passes … Good free throw shooter …

Weaknesses: Playing in a smaller (Big West) Conference, the assumption is he is less talented because he wasn’t recruited to a bigger Conference school. However, his high school had so many talented players that he got overshadowed and he also developed a lot in college … The small conference also is a disadvantage as it’s tougher for him to prove his abilities since his opponents aren’t High Major players on most nights … Can get a little down on himself if he struggles early, but competes hard … A little on the small side, but his athleticism helps counteract that …

Notes: Scouts called him the top PG on the West Coast after he outshined Jordan Farmar and Gabe Pruitt in the 2005 LA Summer League.