4 - Arron Afflalo

6-5, 215 Shooting Guard
UCLA Junior
10/15/85 (35.1 yrs)
Compton, CA
High School
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2006 Statistics
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
90 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Raja Bell

Matthew Maurer – 2/15/2007

Strengths: Possesses an NBA ready body, blessed with excellent upper body strength Moves extremely well without the ball in his hands, understanding how to free himself for shots Works well running off screens where he is a capable shooter Has three point range on his jumper Good finisher in transition Body strength enables him to convert difficult shots with ease as well as the ability to finish after contact Plays the game with poise and maturity rarely found on the college level Shows great patience, rarely does he play out of control or force the action Simply allows the game to come to him Leadership qualities and the mental toughness he brings each game sets the tone for his team Unselfish player who possesses solid court vision Does a great job of feeding the post Excellent basketball IQ, makes great decisions during games Uses the mid-range jumper with the best of them Despite the coverage if you give him enough daylight his quick release allows for more than enough time to shoot Underrated rebounder capable of making an impact on the glass Defensively he does an admirable job of staying in front of his man Shows good body control when he penetrates the lane Quality free throw shooter Extremely coachable player whose work ethic is among the best in the NCAA Fundamentally he is as sound as them come Despite his struggles in the Final Four last year, he has proven to be a very clutch player …

Weaknesses: Afflalo is a decent athlete but not a great one capable of dominating defenders with his explosiveness Lacks the first step to gain full separation from his defender There are times where he becomes too perimeter oriented offensively Would benefit more if he attacked the basket where he can put pressure on the defense Ball handling is okay but could stand to be refined as he isnt comfortable when pressure is applied Some have questioned if Afflalo has the ability to create scoring opportunities for himself Due to his athleticism, he is closer to reaching the ceiling Can go through periods where his jumper is inconsistent May struggle in an up-tempo offense where quickness is a bigger factor than a half court set Doesnt always look to dominate opponents, has a habit of being too passive although he is improved Despite being a solid free throw shooter Afflalos style of play rarely allows for him too draw fouls, and get to the free throw line lack of lift limits his ability to finish on the break and shoot over athletic defenders …

Aran Smith – 1/7/2006

Strengths: One of college basketball’s best mid-range shooters … Uses picks effectively … Very creative at getting his shot off … Quick release and perfect form … Range well out past the 3-point line … Shoots a remarkably high percentage from the floor … Rarely forces a bad shot, lets the offense come to him … Terrific balance … Outstanding stamina … Plays his best at the end of games, when his opponent grows tired of chasing him around picks … Clutch … Wants to take the big shots … Adept at absorbing contact around the hoop and finishing the play … Good quickness … Passes well … Good help defender … Great instincts for the off-guard position … Coachable … Good intensity … Improved free throw shooter (up to 80% this season) … Prefers the right side of the floor, but comfortable going left … Very polished at this stage in his development.

Weaknesses: Not a tremendous athlete … Below-average vertical leap…Not blessed with blazing speed … Has improved his rebounding from his freshman to his sophomore year, but still plenty of room for improvement … Better in the half-court than in transition … Can get sloppy handling the ball, leading to a few too many turnovers … High crossover … Can get pushed around by bigger 2-guards … Has a tendency to push off on the offensive end…Occasionally, a bit too passive…If his shot isn’t falling, the rest of his game tends to suffer.