15 - Alan Williams

6-8, 260 Power Forward/Center
UC Santa Barbara Senior
01/28/93 (29.8 yrs)
Phoenix, AZ
High School
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Post Skills
86 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Lonnie Baxter/Omar Samhan

Strengths: Dominant big man who put up some outrageous numbers for the UCSB Gauchos in his four years of Big West conference basketball.  He’s proven already that he can produce at a high level.  Averaged 21.3 PPG and 11.5 RPG as a junior, his peak season … Powerful build and soft touch around the rim make him hard to guard in the post … High basketball IQ manifests itself on both ends of the floor.  On offense, he is a willing screener on the perimeter both on and off the ball and he is able to operate in the high post and help move the ball around to create opportunities  … On defense, he has good awareness to get over and provide help defense, which is a big part of why he posted a career 1.9 blocks per game total despite his lack of outstanding athleticism … His instincts help him tremendously in getting in position for blocks and rebounds…Incredibly strong player … Uses his big frame to get position deep in the post, keep other big men out of the post, and establish great rebounding position.  It’s very difficult to fight through an Alan Williams box-out or screen … Despite his lack of height at 6’8", Williams has solid length with a 7’1" wingspan, making him a decent defensive presence in the post … For a man who came in at the second-heaviest weight at the NBA combine (second only to Dakari Johnson, who stands 3.5 inches taller), Williams showed good stamina in college, playing nearly 33 minutes per game as a senior…Superb rebounder.  Great at getting position and boxing out on both ends … Soft hands and agility make him a great pick-and-roll target … Recorded 50 career double-doubles while at UCSB, in addition to 6 25-15 games … Solid free-throw-shooting big man, recording a 76% mark from the stripe as a senior … Solid passer out of the post…Great at shooting over either shoulder around the rim … Overall, seems to be a very poised and mature player who has, for the most part, already put it all together…

Weaknesses: The knocks against Williams are obvious.  First off, he played in a small conference, so his inflated numbers are to be taken with several grains of salt as he accrued by dominating a bunch of smaller, weaker guys … Second, he is basically an undersized center, so at the NBA level, he will be asked to play the 4 … Though he has decent length, he still isn’t tall or long enough to guard NBA centers, but his lack of mobility and shooting range may limit him at the 4 … Finally, conditioning could be a concern as he is one of the biggest guys in this draft class.  His body fat percentage, 12% isn’t horrible, but it’s probably going to limit him in the NBA.  He played a high volume of minutes in college, but he was often slow to get back in transition and the pace of the NBA game is faster…Williams’ jump shot is pretty limited.  He’s got a soft touch within about 5 feet of the basket, but from mid-range and beyond, he’s not much of a threat … Somewhat slow-footed.  Had the slowest time in the shuttle run at the NBA Combine.  In game, he has a fair amount of a agility, as far as natural footspeed and explosiveness, he is lacking and that will be much more exposed in the NBA … Also had the second-lowest max vertical at the combine.  Not a good combination with his limited height…

Overall: Williams was dominant in college, but the big question is, how will his skills translate from the Big West to the big leagues?  He has shown excellent rebounding and scoring abilities (against inferior competition), as well as great instincts and high basketball IQ, which translate to any level … He’s undersized and slow and his conditioning isn’t great and he doesn’t have much more growth and development left to do, but he’s also strong and powerful and will certainly get looks based off of his production at the D-I level alone.

Notes: Measured 6’8 (in shoes) 264 lbs, with a 7’1.5 wingspan at the 2014 Nike Big Man Skills Academy … 2013-2014 Big West Player of the Year and 3-Time First Team All-Big West…his numbers decreased slightly his senior year due to a nagging shoulder injury which kept him out for much of the conference season…

Jacob Stallard 6/13/15