Silvio De Sousa 6’8 240 PF – 2018

Silvio de Sousa has an impressive physical profile. Although he was one of the oldest players in attendance, he appeared to be the top prospect. He’s got a strong frame that allows him to finish through contact, is a high level athlete, and a good rebounder when he wants to be. He utilizes a fade away in the post and has good rotation on his shot. Basketball comes easily for de Sousa, he has a lot of natural raw ability. Once he improves upon his skillset, he will have an incredibly well rounded game. I would like to see him commit more focus to the defensive end, he has the tools and athleticism to guard multiple positions but at times tries to serve as an anchor, rather than get in a stance and lock up his man. He also plays without enough urgency throughout games, whether the game just tipped off or it’s within a few points with a minute left, he played far too nonchalant as if he wasn’t paying attention to the situation of the game. He can also fight to get upon more, he would often sit in the post without looking to create a passing angle, just pointing up for the guard to throw it. However, with these ways he can improve he was very impressive throughout the camp. He showed a good handle in transition and is an incredibly explosive finisher. On a few plays, he separated himself from every other participant and they didn’t want any part of stopping him when he got going. He has a good read on offensive rebounds and tip slammed a few oops that only a handful of players could finish.

Tyger Campbell 6’0 150 PG – 2019

It’s no surprise that Campbell played well. He has more experience playing at the highest level of high school/grassroots than probably every other camp participant. His shot wasn’t falling at the rate we’ve seen in the past but he displayed his high basketball IQ. He excels in pocket passing and setting up open big men by attacking the middle and drawing help defenders. He ran a two man game with James Wiseman on multiple possessions. Campbell knows where he’s passing the ball before he receives it and is always thinking a few steps ahead of others. His ability to make the game easier for teammates, whether it’s finding cutting big men where they want it around the basket or shooters open on the perimeter, separates him from his peers.

Cole Anthony 6’2 170 PG – 2019

Anthony has made very noticeable progress throughout the EYBL season thus far and plays with great confidence. He scores well and draws fouls but is a shoot first guard. He can find a way to create a shot every possession but there were multiple plays where he would bring the ball up the court and shoot it as soon as he was within his comfortable shooting range. He also tends to wear his emotions when he doesn’t get fouls called. However, he is young and will continue to mature and develop over the next few years.

Coby White 6’3 170 SG – 2018

Although he didn’t get the most touches, White played and shot well. He caught fire, knocking down corner threes on consecutive possessions. He moves well without the ball and seems most effective catching and shooting. He keeps his game simple, taking minimal dribbles and never tries to do too much.

Jon Kabongo 6’4 170 PG – 2018

Kabongo has really improved, his minutes at Huntington Prep increased this past year and next year will be no different. He steps into his shot with confidence and is a streaky shooter with range. He likes to attack and make a one handed pass to open shooters once the defense collapses. He handled the ball well and played solid defensively.

Emmitt Williams 6’7 200 PF – 2018

Every time Williams takes the floor, you know what you’re getting. He brings the energy and aggression every possession. His explosive athletic ability and intensity level make him a valuable defender. Rebounding, especially on the offensive end, and keeping possessions alive is what makes Williams so valuable, and that alone will keep him on the floor. He’s a good roll man off of picks and he passes pretty well for it not being a big part of his game. While his offensive game isn’t bad, it’s not up to the level of his natural ability yet. Williams absolutely has the potential to be among the elite if he continues to progress.

Christian Brown 6’7 195 SF/PF – 2019

Brown really impressed with his scoring and athleticism. He’s a good one foot jumper who loves to take it to the rim. He also uses a midrange floater he likes to go to when necessary. He can improve his jump shot, but did knock some down. Brown plays with a lot of energy and stands out when he’s on the floor.

Trendon Watford 6’7 215 SF/PF – 2019

Watford loves to play in isolation. Most of his scoring comes in one on one situations, whether it’s posting up his man or taking them off the dribble on the perimeter. He likes to use screens, has a good midrange fade away, and draws numerous fouls. He could learn to move more without the ball, he doesn’t get too involved with the offense until it’s in his hands. He can definitely improve scoring off of back cuts, curls, etc. rather than trying to create everything himself.

Cassius Stanley 6’5 170 SG/PG – 2019

In the games I attended of Stanley’s, he didn’t get to put on a dunk show on any of the breaks like we’ve seen throughout the EYBL previously, but was solid in the half court. He provided court vision and while his shooting can improve, he knocked down a number of jumpers to keep the defense honest. He’s got a strong body and was the best athlete in attendance, possibly the best in both 2018 and 2019 classes. He’s continuing to develop his skills as a combo guard and is far from a one dimensional athlete.

James Wiseman 6’8 200 PF – 2019

Wiseman has good touch within close. He can improve upon his post moves and technique but can score at different angles around the rim. He has good hands and plays with good awareness on offense. He has room to expand his game outside the paint but his activity, length, and athleticism give him potential to be very effective on both ends of the floor.

Chol Marial 7’3 190 C – 2019

Marial is a well-coordinated seven footer and is absolutely ridiculous length: his wingspan was measured at 7’9. He’s more than just a big body. He can shoot facing up with decent range and has good rotation. He’s got a solid jump hook and he isn’t hesitant to go to his left hand either. He runs well, plays with awareness, and has a good activity level. There were a few times he tried to keep plays alive, hustling for loose balls. Defensively, he was an anchor; blocking shots and altering some as his length allows him to be extremely disruptive.


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