Biggest Surprise

Kemba Walker –  He measured 5’11.5 barefoot and a legit 6’1 in sneakers.  Considering his size was of major concern, 6’1 really isn’t all that bad.  If anything, it most likely solidified his position as a top 7-10 pick. However his standing reach was very small at 7’7.5, the same as 5’10 (in shoes) Isaiah Thomas (a product of his low shoulders).

NBA Draft Combine: Measurements


Derrick Williams – Williams’ standing reach of 9’0, 7’1.5 wingspan and 6’8.75 height in sneakers were all positive numbers. For all those that questioned his size at the position, it’s time to reconsider as those measurements are very good for a power forward. He also appeared to be moving extremely well during the athleticism testing at 248 lbs. Many players are not able to retain their quickness with that sort of weight. His 9’0 standing reach is an inch bigger than Michael Beasley and 3 inches bigger than Blake Griffin measured.

Enes Kanter – Kanter showed virtually no weakness during the measurements, standing 6’11.25 in sneakers, with a 7’1.5 wingspan and a 9’1.5 standing reach.  He weighed in at 259lbs and only a 5.9 % body fat.

Kawhi Leonard – At 6’7 in sneakers, Leonard possesses good size for a small forward to go along with his massive 7’3 wingspan.  That wingspan and his 8’10 standing reach should contribute big-time on the defensive end.  He also had an excellent 5.4% body fat and the second largest hands in the group.

Nikola Vucevic – At 6’11.75 in sneakers with a monstrous 7’4.5 wingspan and the tallest standing reach of anyone in the group at 9’4.5, Vucevic has promising physical tools.  Combine that with his impressive mobility, and Vucevic’s stock could be on the rise.

Marshon Brooks – Brooks’ 7’1 wingspan is 6.75 inches more than his height standing barefoot.  Though some question his skinny frame, he actually weighed more than Alec Burks, who was .75 inches taller than Brooks.

Tyler Honeycutt – At 6’8 in sneakers with a respectable 6’9 wingspan, Honeycutt could be a difficult mismatch if given minutes as a 2-guard. At just 186 pounds, his physical weakness is glaring, however it can be improved over time.|

Chris Singleton – A lockdown defender at 6’9 in sneakers is very rare.  His 7’1 wingspan will allow him to guard three positions.

Klay Thompson – He measured 6’7.25 in sneakers with a 6’9 wingspan, both good numbers for a 2-guard.  Combine that size with Thompson’s skill-set, and he could be looking at a late lottery selection. 

Chandler Parsons – Parsons had encouraging measurements, including 6’9.75 in sneakers and a 6’9 wingspan.  These are numbers that should allow Parsons to play both the 3 and the stretch 4 positions.  Though he appears too lanky to play the 4, he weighed in at 221.2lbs.  In comparison, JuJuan Johnson weighs 219.8lbs, Tobias Harris weighs 222lbs, Malcolm Thomas weighs 223lbs, and Tristan Thompson weighs 227lbs.

Greg Smith – Smith had the biggest hands in the group at an enormous 9.8 x 12.  He was 6’9 in sneakers with an 7’2 wingspan and an 8’10.5 standing reach.  All good numbers for a power forward.

Keith Benson – 6’11 in sneakers, with a 7’3.75 wingspan and the third biggest hands behind Kawhi Leneord and Greg Smith.  Also tied with Enes Kanter for the second tallest standing reach at 9’1.5  Only Nikola Vucevic’s towering 9’4.5 was taller.  He does however need to add muscle to his 217lb frame.

Jimmy Butler – Butler measured in at 222lbs and 6’7.75 tall in sneakers, a size that will allow him to play both the 2 and the 3. 

Jordan Hamilton – Measured in at 6’8.5 in sneakers, excellent size for a small forward.  His 6’9.5 wingspan and 8’8 standing reach could also allow him to play the stretch 4 under the right circumstances. 

Michael Dunigan – Strong numbers across the board.  Solid 6’10 in sneakers with a 7’3.25 wingspan, 8’11.5 standing reach and some of the biggest hands in the group, Dunigan looks the part of a 4 of 5.

Rick Jackson – Measuring in at 6’9, Jackson’s 7’2 wingspan could help ease the attention off his limited offensive game. 

JaJuan Johnson – Standing 6’10 with a 7’2 wingspan and 8’11.5 standing reach, Johnson should have the opportunity to play both the 4 and the 5 at the next level.

Kyrie Irving – He measured in a 6’3.5 in sneakers, which was actually taller than Brandon Knight, who was originally believed to have an inch on Irving.  His 10.2 body fat at just 191lbs is a little bit alarming. Has he not been able to work out and get back in shape since the season ended?

E'twaun Moore – Moore’s 6’9.5 wingspan is 7 inches longer than his height barefoot, which should help in terms of getting off his shot considering his size as a 6’4 shooting guard. 

Brandon Knight – His 4.2% body fat however was the lowest of anyone in the group. 6’3.25 in sneakers and 176lbs are solid numbers for a PG. His wingspan is a few inches better than Kyrie Irving.


Trey Thompkins – Though he measured a 8’11.5 standing reach, he also had the highest body fat of the group at 15.5%.

Jimmer Fredette – Only 6’0.75 without sneakers, Jimmer has a decent wingspan (6’4.5) and standing reach (8’0.5), but came in smaller than expected at 6’2 in shoes.  He also has the smallest hands of anyone in the group. 

Tristan Thompson – Despite his 7’1 wingspan, he only measured 6’7.5 barefoot and less than 6’9 with shoes.  Although some scouts thought he would come in even smaller.

Norris Cole – Cole’s 6’2.25 wingspan was the second smallest in the entire group.  At only 174.4 pounds and 6’1.75 in sneakers, finishing at the rim should be a challenge at the next level.

LaceDarius Dunn – At 6’4 in sneakers and a 6’6.25 wingspan, Dunn is undersized as a shooting guard.  Considering his lack of explosiveness, these numbers aren’t promising. 

Isaiah Thomas – Anything under 6 feet is generally a red flag, so Thomas’ 5’10.25 in sneakers did not look good, especially for a combo guard. But then again he looked even smaller on the court.

Nolan Smith – Only 6’1.5 barefoot means he is barely 6-foot-3. Considering his lack of quickness, Smith could have difficulty at getting his shot off.

Jordan Williams – It would have been nice to see Williams height in sneakers measure closer to 6’10, so 6’9 was a little discouraging.  His 12.1% body fat also didn’t look great when compared to his competitors. 

John Leuer – The second tallest in the group, Leuer measured in at 6’11.5 in sneakers.  Unfortunately, his 7’0 wingspan and 8’9.5 standing reach are disappointing considering his size, and competing center Nikola Vucevic’s measurements.

Interesting Measurements

Kenneth Faried – At just 6’6 without sneakers and 6’7.5 with, Faried has a standing reach of 9.0, which is a taller standing reach than 6’10 Michael Dunigan, 6’11 Jon Leuer,  and 6’10 JaJuan Johnson.  He also measured a 7’0 wingspan.

Jeremy Tyler – Tyler’s 7’5 wingspan was the longest of anyone in the group.  However he weighed the heaviest of anyone in the group at 262.4lbs, and had the second highest body fat at 13.4%. Granted Tyler has been back since the earthquake happened, but apparently he wasn’t eating exclusively sushi while in Japan.

Point guards with size

Darius Morris – Morris showed excellent size for a PG at 6’5.25 in sneakers.  On the downside, he could add some weight to his 190lb frame, and his wingspan was less than Charles Jenkins, who is 2 inches smaller.

Iman Shumpert – Shumpert had some impressive measurements, including a 6’5.5 in sneakers.  When compared to Darius Morris, another 6’5 PG, Shumpert outweighs him by 30 pounds and has extra 2 inches on his wingspan (6.9.5).

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  1. Jonathon Wasserman: Why

    Jonathon Wasserman:  Why would you put Jimmer down as a loser in the measurement debate?    I don’t agree, Jimmer came in about where he was expected to and maybe even better. His 6’2 (1/2)(which you left off) height is what he was supposed to be. Actually 6’2&1/2  is 1/2 inch taller than expected and his 6’4.5 in wingspan is better than expected. His hand size doesn’t seem to have much effect on his shooting or his ball handling, I don’t think that’s a problem. Like I said, I don’t agree that Jimmer’s measurements were disappointing, if anything they were better than expected.  He should be in the winners column.  You must be one of those who are down on Jimmer and his chances of succeeding in the NBA.

  2. I also disagree with Isaiah
    I also disagree with Isaiah Thomas being a loser after measuring out a shade over 5-10. Obviously being under 6 foot hurts anyone but everybody knew Isaiah wasn’t near 6 feet and he actually measured out considerably better then was expected. The 38 inch vert isn’t shabby either.

  3. I disagree Isaiah Thomas

    I disagree Isaiah Thomas wasn’t a loser according to reports he tested really well, interviewed well & showed the ability to compete. 

    I think that he will find his way into the 1st round or at worst early 2nd round- all it takes is for 1 team to like you.

    Also, USC’s Nikola Vucevic  should go around 20 if not higher.

    Kawhi Leonard is a man amongst boys some team is gonna luck out with this potential Gerald Wallace clone. Hopefully the Rap’s take him at #5.

    I like Jimmer in SacTown next to Tyreke Evans.

    Klay Thompson displayed a nice shooting touch as well.

    I’m liking BKnight over KIrving as the top pg prospect in the draft- the talent level is about equal but Knight’s more professional showing up in shape to the combine.

    Jeremy Tyler is a riser and should go top 20.

  4. How was Kyrie Irving a winner?

    High body fat, small wingspan, only player to skip athletic testing? How exactly does that make Kyrie Irving a winner in terms of measurements? I mean maybe bypassing athletic tests was strategy, but the physical measurements indicate a player who will not have many advantages athletically or length wise at the NBA level, and yet seems to be considered the consensus #1 pick? I don’t get it. The dude was injured most of the season, it’s like the Cavs want to take a drink of the mystery punch because it’s a weak draft.

    I think the Cavs should take Derrick Williams and then hope to get B-Knight at #4, Kemba (or even Kyrie) if he’s gone. I would even consider taking Enes Kanter at 4 if I were the Cavs, say to hell with PGs this year.

    I also fail to see how Honeycutt was a clearcut winner either, he’s as light as a feather with a surprisingly short wing span (although part of that is definitely his narrow shoulders). He also looked a bit clumsy in the athletic tests. I suppose he could get stronger, but I don’t see him as a winner in the measurements.

    Rating Isaiah Thomas as a loser is unfair, everyone knew he was short. He didn’t get any shorter since the end of the season, in fact I was surprised he was over 5’10 in shoes. Dude’s a baller, I think some team will take him in the second round and be very happy.

    I agree Jimmer isn’t a physical specimen, but we know what he can do.

    And lastly, it seems a bit rash to me to just brush off the fact that Tristan Thompson has a 7’1 wingspan like that doesn’t matter at all. I admit his height makes him look like less of a "potential" pick and more of an "energy guy off the bench" pick, which means he might not go lottery in the end. But dude is long, strong, athletic, and energetic, and actually should be considered 6’9 in shoes, which isn’t terrible overall.

  5. what does it matter???

    In shoes, without shoes, wingspan…check out some of the greatest ballers and many of them aren’t the quickest, tallest, biggest wingspan in the league during their playing days.  Does a 6’4 270lb Power forward come across as a player you would draft?  ask Charles Barkley.    Would you draft a 6’2 shooting guard from a tiny school? ask Vinnie Johnson and ask Vinnie Johnson how many rings he has?  I remember when Monta Ellis was coming out of High School…the media was questioning his size, ask the players if Ellis’s size is an issue as he is running past them to score two of his 25+ pts per game?  J.J. Barea is a short arm 5’9 PG from Northeastern University that will be playing for a ring this season.  The bottom line is if the dude came grow into a better player and has the heart to be tough and can simply play!!!  There’s been tons of players with the size, wingspan that can’t play and that didnt’ hang around the league too long.  I would take that fat boy Barkley over any of the players in the 2011 draft pool.

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