Klay Thompson

Thompson has worked out extremely well and appears to be in great position to be taken in the 9-11 range with Charlotte, Milwaukee and Golden State all high on him. Thompson led the Pac-Ten and was 9th in the nation in scoring at 21.6 ppg, knocking down 40% from 3 and 84% from the line. While Thompson isn’t seen as a player with huge upside, he’s a "safe" pick who should be a contributor right away due to his polished skill level and shooting ability. 

Jimmy Butler

Thought Butler didn’t have the standout year he was positioned to have, he was still an efficient scorer with many intriguing qualities. If anything, he wasn’t aggressive enough considering his threatening mid-range game off the dribble. Butler took full advantage of his opportunity at Portsmouth, earning MVP honors and a reputation for possessing a well-rounded game.  What he lacks in athleticism and explosiveness, he makes up for with a high basketball IQ, solid measurements and defensive potential.  Extending his range would really make Butler an attractive addition, but for now he looks to have legitimate potential as a serviceable rotational small forward.

Marshon Brooks

Brooks has had some strong workouts in the past few weeks and some feel he could parlay that into being a lottery pick. He’s got some legs with Charlotte at 9 and is also a real possibility at 15 provided Jimmer Fredette is off the board. Brooks worked out for the Knicks on Monday for the second time and while that workout wasn;t as strong as his first, he remains in the mix at their pick as well.

Travis Leslie

Leslie’s stock is based off immense athletic ability that was confirmed during the testing in Chicago.  His gift will be best served playing on-ball defense and in transition to start his career.  Though he’s undersized at the off-guard position, he possesses an NBA build with the strength to absorb contact and finish at the rim. He’s shown flashes of midrange potential, which if reached would dramatically improve his value as an NBA player.  As elite NBA teams become more athletic, competitors will be looking to counter and match up, which should increase the demand for guards with strength, supreme athleticism and speed.

Nikola Vucevic

Vucevic announced his presence as an NBA prospect without dribbling a basketball. He measured in at 6’11.75 in sneakers, with a 7’4.5 wingspan and 9’4.5 standing reach, which means he can practically touch the rim without jumping. Combine that size with a 260 pound frame, and an advanced offensive skill-set, and it’s hard not to be intrigued by the rare true center out of USC.

He reportedly looked sharp in a recent workout against Jordan Williams, and has surpassed Jeremy Tyler as the superior center prospect due to his more polished offensive repertoire. The Sixers are considering Vucevic with their 16th pick and there’s a real chance he will end up in the first round.

Charles Jenkins

Jenkins game is suited for workout environments, where he can show off the desirable ability to consistently knock down shots. Think about this: Hofstra finished second in the CAA  (Tied with Old Dominion, behind George Mason and in front of VCU), where Jenkins averaged 22.6 points on only 14.6 FG attempts per game, shooting 51% from the floor and 42% from downtown. Dishing out 4.8 assists, he turned the ball over only 2.2 times in 37 minutes despite dominating the ball.  He’s an incredibly efficient combo-guard, and with so many teams lacking stability in their backcourt depth, expect Jenkins name to be called on June 23rd.

Malcolm Lee

Lee earned praise from Utah coach Tyrone Corbin after his head to head workout with Jimmer Fredette and Kemba Walker last week. Lee’s value as a prospect can be attributed to his reputation as a two-way player, where he’s shined defensively as a combo-guard at UCLA.

At 6’5.5, Lee has great size for a kid who can play both on and off the ball. The success former UCLA guards have had in the NBA will always play in the back of scouts minds, regardless of how well they performed under Ben Howland’s systematic offense. Convincing teams that he’s a capable point guard should catapult Lee up the board. Regardless, he’s a safe play early in the second round as a low risk, high reward prospect. Lee is garnering interest from team such as Chicago at 28-30.


Jordan Williams

Williams did nothing to diminish the concern over his speed and athleticism, posting some of the lowest numbers at the combine in terms of speed, agility and leaping ability. Williams recently admitted to struggling with his weight on the road, which is alarming considering the amount of time he’ll spend there at the next level.  Williams comes with considerable risk, and after measuring out at only 6’9 in sneakers, his upside is limited a well. He won’t slip too far however as teams in the latter portion of the second round don’t expect him to be available.

Bismack Biyombo

The International Man of Mystery recently worked out in front of the entire league in Treviso Italy. Alan Hahn of Newsday had a great line saying, "As One scout said of Euro workout: "He went 1-on-none and lost."" Biyombo struggled to score against an imaginary defense, so to say he’s raw offensively would be an understatement.  He looks to be years away from contributing, which eliminates a number of teams that would originally have been interested. Not many rosters can afford to make a first round selection that knowingly requires years of offensive seasoning and time on the pine.

Josh Selby

Selby’s questionable pro position should take a toll on his draft stock, considering the few teams in the market for a ball-dominant, shoot-first point guard (or an undersized, one on one shooting guard).  He’s attempting to sell himself as a point guard, which is difficult to prove in workout settings.  Selby’s strengths and skill-set are much better suited as a reserve responsible for putting up points when they’re hard to come by. Teams with a thin backcourt and a dull bench should start taking interest at the top of the second round. He supposedly missed the train after his workout with Washington, slowing down the next group of players coming in. Not as bad as Sherron Collins missing two flights, but a bad sign for a player who already has questionable maturity.



  1. It sounds like biyombo plays

    It sounds like biyombo plays offense like its his first time playing basketball. every single time.  This Kid must not know how to use his body unlike most players who learn their bodies quickly even after a huge growth spurt.  Looks like he can only make a dunk. Probably misses those too.

  2. Bismack will still be a first

    Bismack will still be a first round pick and get guaranteed money over $1 million a year that is a slippage most people in the world would welcome.

  3. Disagree on Biyombo

    He’s the only player in the draft with the tools to be a rim protecting center.  He also is an elite rebounder and has a high motor.  How many chances do you get to draft a player like that?   Offensive skills are secondary for a center.  He’ll be a 10-10-3 player for 10 years and a defensive player of the year candidate.  I think that’s worth a top 6 pick.

    And besides that, I saw some post moves from him at the hoop summit game.  He’s not as bad offensively as people make it out to be.  I’d be ecstatic if my team got him in the lottery.

    • Hmmm?

      If offensive skills are secondary for a center, u should try asking hasheem thabeet that question and see if he tells u that offense is not neccessary.

    • Hmmm?

      If offensive skills are secondary for a center, u should try asking hasheem thabeet that question and see if he tells u that offense is not neccessary.

  4. I was kind of a fan of

    I was kind of a fan of Bismack in the mid to late first round, but you just can’t have an offensive liability in the NBA…and it sounds like his offensive game is terrible, like thenextnaterobinson said it seems like he’s playing basketball for the first time. You got to be able to put the ball in the hoop…at least a little. 

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