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Fri, 12/16/2011 - 8:19am


BJ Young PG 6'3 Arkansas

BJ YoungBJ YoungWhat I love about Young is his ability to change directions on the dime, keeping the ball tight and secure by handling it low to the ground. His quickness off the dribble creates 5 on 4s, thanks to the ability to hesitate and accelerate within a blink of an eye. But those are all the positives we knew about Young coming in. We didn't know or think he was capable of shooting 48% from downtown, which despite the small sample size, is still a promising/noteworthy development. And while it would be naive to think he'll continue to shoot this accurately, Young's athletic gifts should make him a trendy favorite amongst under the radar point guards.

Young is averaging 16.5 ppg on 51% fg, and 2.4 apg to 2.0 to on the season. In his last two games against UConn and Oklahoma, Young has scored 28 and 24 pts on a scorching 8-13 from behind the arch.

He's a combo in the mold of a Monta Ellis, with lightning speed and a fearless demeanor.

Young has moved into the 2013 mock, mid first round.

Tony Wroten PG/SG 6'5, Washington

A tremendous ball-handler who can make things happen off the dribble, Wroten's vision and playmaking skills are what make him such a high upside prospect. His ability to explode to the rim through tiny gaps puts him in position to create for himself or his teammates. He was able to score at will in a loss to Duke, contributing 23 points in 24 minutes as Washington's most efficient offensive player.

His size and length are both in his favor, eliminating question marks other combo guards share while being evaluated. Between his skills and physical tools, Wroten's ceiling exceeds his direct competitors'. He's our first ball-handler off the board in 2013, at #7 overall.

Ryan Boatright 6'0 PG, UConn

Ryan BoatrightRyan BoatrightAfter missing the first handful of games, Boatright has been an absolute lightning rod in the three games he has played, showing tremendous improvement in playing under control from just a year ago. Coaches at UConn rave about him going as far as to say he's ahead of Kemba Walker at the same stages of their careers. He's also a vocal leader, something that neither of UConn's other main backcourt members (Lamb and Napier) can claim.

Boatright looks quick off the dribble, and has shown good instincts as a point guard. His play injects a shot of energy into his team, as his presence keeps both the offense and opposing defenders alert on their toes. He's dynamic, quick and athletic and that should eventually help teams to overlook his questionable size.

Boatright is slotted one spot below BJ Young at pick 21 in 2013.

Dion Waiters PG/SG 6'4, Syracuse

After questioning his role and future at Syracuse, Waiters has arguably been the Orange most threatening scorer in his sophomore year. He's crafty when attacking the rim, ducking and dodging defenders while maintaining the balance to finish in traffic. He's shown the ability to create off the dribble, which should allow him to play some point guard at the next level. At 6'4, Waiters has shown some explosion attacking the basket, and recently threw down one of the most vicious dunks of the year against GW last week. As his confidence improves, so does his jumper and overall performance.

Waiters will have his chance to play big minutes next year as a junior, when his stock is expected to peak. We have him as a late first rounder in 2013.

Rodney Hood 6'8 SF, Mississippi

Hood really has a nice stroke, seemingly getting his shot off without any defensive interference. His midrange game has been automatic, and he's shooting it 42% from downtown so far. He's an interesting prospect, considering his size and success playing on the perimeter. With some added bulk, Hood could present difficult mismatches on the offensive end thanks to his ability to slash and shoot over his likely smaller defender.

Hood's upside is worthy of lottery consideration. We have him at 10 on the 2013 board.

Deonte Burton PG 6'1, Nevada

Burton has been on fire as of late, stemming from his 31 point output in Nevada's overtime win over Washington. Burton really handles contact well, doing a phenomenal job of getting to the rim and drawing the foul. He''s attempted 38 free throws over his last three games, and has subsequently averaged over 26 points per game during the stretch. Still a bit trigger happy for a point guard, Burton has the ability to be a successful playmaker, he just has to recognize when to do so.

If he continues shooting the ball as well as he is, Burton has a nice shot to be a first rounder next year. We have him at 27th overall.

Will Barton SG 6'6, Memphis

Aside from his lack of strength, Barton fits the physical description of an NBA 2-guard, but is just learning to use it effectively at the offensive end. He's been at his best slashing off the ball, where he uses his athleticism and touch to finish over taller defenders. He's also been using his athleticism under boards, creating second chance opportunities on loose balls on the interior.

He's coming off a career high 27 points in back to back games, and is creeping up towards bubble first rounder status. We currently have him at 32 in 2013.


Terrence Jones SF/PF 6'9, Kentucky

Terrence JonesTerrence JonesJones was a no-show against Indiana, finishing with 4 points on 3 shot attempts in 28 minutes. But what was most discouraging was the fact that his inability to impact the game offensively affected the other facets of his game. At 6'9 250lb, 1 rebound is just unacceptable, not to mention 6 turnovers. His lackluster performance landed him on the bench in the game's closing minutes, rasing questions about Coach Cal's ability to rely upon him.

The fact that this was an issue for him last year raises some red flags, and will surely trigger scouts to question his desire and attitude.

Jones slipped from 8th to 13 in our latest mock draft.

Maalik Wayns PG 6'1, Villanova

Being 6'1 with no range leaves him little margin for error, meaning he's got to excel elsewhere to in order to justify a rotational position. Right now he's at his best in the open floor, which is exactly where he stood after his freshman year at Villanova. Though he's improved as a scorer in the half court, it won't be a smooth transition in regards to replicating success at the next level. Improving his productivity and efficiency as a facilitator in the half court has been, and will be his biggest obstacle moving forward.

We originally had Wayns leaving this year, but now expect him to take all 4 to max out his value. He dropped from 24 to 31 in our latest 2013 mock.

CJ Leslie 6'9 SF/PF, NC State

He just hasn't shown much in terms of basketball ability. Though a bouncy athlete with length and explosion, he hasn't illustrated steady development in terms of creating shot opportunities. He rarely attempts double digit shots, simply because he can't. There's just not a ton of upside in Leslie's offensive game, although teams who lack athleticism in their front court could borrow a little of his. Just not in the lottery.

Leslie slipped from the back of the 2013 lottery to 22 on our new board.

Dwight Powell 6'9 SF/PF, Stanford

Powell hasn't been able to contribute, playing a non-factor in just about all of Stanford's games. He moves well for his size and shows some intriguing athletic ability, but his issue with foul trouble and lack of minutes have made him a tough prospect to fall in love with early on. He'll have a larger role next year with Josh Owens out of the picture, and should have a better shot at showing off his stroke and handle of the ball.

Powell is currently at the back end of our 2013 first round.

Kevin Parrom SG/SF 6'6, Arizona

Parrom has really been a non-threat on the offensive end, while his lack of explosiveness won't help his cause. He's shooting a disappointing 33% from downtown this year, which is discouraging considering his stock will heavily depend on his ability to convert on the perimeter. His minutes have been slashed as of late, as has his production. He's scored 5 or less points in 4 of his last 5 games.

After sustaining a gunshot wound to his leg over the summer, Parrom has not been the same player, but luckily he'll have next season to get back to the form that had some projecting him as a potential lottery pick.

Parrom has dropped from an early to mid second rounder in our latest mock draft.

Nurideen Lindsey PG 6'3

His decision to transfer will not be looked at in a positive light by NBA executives, considering he was the starting point guard for a well respected coach at a highly coveted basketball program. As a player, there's a lot to like and a lot to criticize. Defenders have adjusted to Lindsey's quickness off the dribble, playing a few feet off him similar to the way defenders have played Kentucky's Marquis Teague. Until he develops a more respectable jumper and does a better job of creating for his teammates, Lindsey is a bit too one-dimensional, and will now have to overcome the perception that he's unstable or not fully committed.

He's no longer on any of our draft boards.

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