Jared Sullinger Interview

Sun, 10/03/2010 - 8:39pm

Ohio State freshman Jared Sullinger was the consensus top bigman prospect in the high school class of 2010. He enters college as one of the top power forward prospects in the country and is projected as a top 10 pick for the 2011 draft. Sullinger helped Team USA redeem themselves and defeat the International squad at the Hoop Summit in April. He also had a solid showing in Chicago in August playing against college players at adidas Nations.

Jared SullingerJared SullingerNBADraft.net: How did it feel to see Duke win the NCAA title?

Jared Sullinger: I was mad. Pretty much all my life I’ve rooted against them. I’m a big underdog person so I was really pulling for Butler to win it. I feel like I’ve always been sort of an underdog so I know what it feels like.

NBADraft.net: Ohio State has been described as a football school, how do you respond to that?

Jared Sullinger: We’re looking to change the culture. The past couple years have been brighter, we’ve won the NIT. Made it to the title game. The year before last we lost to Siena. They made it to the Sweet 16 last year, so I mean, everything is falling into place slowly but surely.

NBADraft.net: Last year’s team made it to the sweet 16, if you had been on the team what could they have done?

Jared Sullinger: I really couldn’t tell you that because only time will tell. I know I definitely could have helped them out with rebounds. And in the post.

NBADraft.net: Talk a little about stuff you like to do off the court, interests you have.

Jared Sullinger: Me and (fellow Hoop Summit teammate) Kendall Marshall, we like to do twitter battles. Just have some fun. It’s fun because me and Kendall have developed a strong friendship.

NBADraft.net: Do you have an all time favorite NBA player?

Jared Sullinger: Michael Jordan. I can’t really explain it, Michael Jordan. Self explanatory.

NBADraft.net: Anyone in today's NBA that you sort of pattern your game after?

Jared Sullinger: When I’m playing for my Dad (Satch Sullinger - National high school coach of the year) I’m sort of Lamar Odomish. But my Dad is more relaxed, lets me take it outside. If I go inside then a little more Elton Brand. Depending on the situation I go inside and play power forward or center or I can go outside. Depending on the coach I’m playing for, I’m able to adapt my style.

NBADraft.net: Best of luck with your upcoming season, Jared!

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he is A LOT like old school bad ass Elton Brand....

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A top 10 pick for the

A top 10 pick for the 2011!

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Nice kid.

Nice kid.

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