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Thu, 06/02/2011 - 9:44pm Is it true your mother played pro volleyball and your father played pro basketball? How tall are they?

Jan VeselyJan VeselyJan Vesely: Yes, my mom was a volleyball player and my dad a basketball player and now he is a coach, working with young players. My mom is 6'3" and dad is 6'7" You have been playing for Partizan, a team Vlade Divac has played for, owned, and consults for since 2008. Has he given you any advice on progressing as a player or the NBA?

Jan Vesely: I have met with Vlade several times, but he did not talk about the NBA. He is living here in Belgrade. I will definitely meet him before going to USA, and I will ask him to give me some advice based on his life experience. You pulled out of the 2010 NBA Draft after reaching the 2010 Euroleague Finals in Paris, France. Part of your decision process was to continue to learn from legendary coach Duško Vujošević. Unfortunately and he and Partizan parted ways prior to the 2011 season. How much did you learn from him and had you known he was leaving as coach would it have been more likely that you would have entered the 2010 draft?

Jan Vesely: As I have said many times, he is like my second father in many aspects in my life. It was difficult for all of us in Partizan, but we did it with coach Jovanovic, and I am very happy today. I am leaving my Partizan team with triple crown. You played against both Josh Childress and Linas Kleiza in the 2010 Euroleague Final watching them struggle at times in the NBA did it give you an indication of hard it is in being a consistent performer in the NBA?

Jan Vesely: There is not any indication. Life is hard. Life gives an opportunity to all of us. I have in front of me an opportunity. And it will be up to me whether I will make it in the NBA or not.

Jan VeselyJan How have you improved from a year ago?

Jan Vesely: I am still learning how to play. And I am getting more and more mature every year. I was part of this team that accomplished the triple crown this year. I work hard. And I am happy to be part of group of players that can be selected to play in the NBA. You have played at the top level in Europe and become a young star. A number of standout European players have preferred to play closer to home than try the NBA. How important is playing in the NBA for you?

Jan Vesely: It is dream of every kid with basketball in the hands, in any garden or yard in the whole planet isn't it? I work hard, my family, coaches and teammate have supported me all these years. I have to go to the NBA. To make them to feel proud on me. You are viewed as one of the most athletic big men in Europe. Do you feel your athleticism will stand out in the NBA?

Jan Vesely: I know that I need to improve more on any of the aspect of my game. So I will work hard, and I will face top players in the world in my position against me every night. Than, we will see. What areas of your game do you feel you need to work on the most for the NBA?

Jan Vesely: NBA is different sport than European basketball. Every young player first needs to adjust and then work hard to have his coach and his teammates trust him. Can you describe your daily routine as you play for Partizan and prepare for the NBA Draft?

Jan Vesely: Playoffs are ending. As of today, my only focus is on my team, Partizan. After the last game, I will take few days rest, and travel to USA. There is nothing special in my day to day work.

Jan VeselyJan What position do you feel you will play in the NBA?

Jan Vesely: Small and power forward I heard that you model you game after LeBron James but feel your game resembles most Dirk Nowitzki. You must be excited about these NBA Finals? How intently will you be watching the NBA Finals and that match up?

Jan Vesely: The games are on 3 a.m, late night here in Belgrade. I am sleeping by midnight each night. It is the rules of my club. I will try to watch the NBA Finals games recorded the day after. I have my own playoff games going on so I need to sleep and be ready to play. What is a better situation for you in the NBA right now: Play for a team that has a history of success that will force you to beat out an established veteran or play for a lesser team that has a greater need for your talent and will play you immediately?

Jan Vesely: There are different opportunity in the clubs they are interested for me in this year NBA Draft. I am coming to play in the NBA this year, regardless of the lockout situation. I am analyzing all opportunities and possibilities with my agents since May 18th ( even if I don't understand all these options, changing the positions in the draft, etc) I am lucky that I have with me two top sports agents, Mr. Tellem and Mr. Raskovic. They are working very hard for me. And we will see. We will hope to choose the best team for me for the beginning of my career in the NBA. After that it will be up to me to work every day and to play hard every night. You play for the Czech national team. Tell us a little about that experience?

Jan Vesely: Great feeling to play for my country. I will always do so. We have a great time when we are together in our national team. Finally, do you think you can be an ambassador in the country of Czech Republic for basketball? Also do you think basketball will become more popular there in the future?

Jan Vesely: My country has given a lot of top athletes both men and woman in different sports. Since I am outside of my hometown and my country, I fill very proud to represent the Czech Republic wherever I will play.

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"There is not any indication.

"There is not any indication. Life is hard. Life gives an opportunity to all of us. I have in front of me an opportunity. And it will be up to me whether I will make it in the NBA or not."
really liked that answer

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^^^^ I agree thats a really

^^^^ I agree thats a really good answer, Taking responsibility, plus I also like how he mentioned I will work hard in about every answer he gave haha

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legendary coach Duško Vujošević

"Part of your decision process was to continue to learn from legendary coach Duško Vujošević."

This guy would win 5 trophies in a row in NBA with T-wolves!

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