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    Well, we did 2010-19, so we decided to go back to the previous decade and rank those #1 NBA Draft picks by career. Top spot is obvious, do not think anyone would debate that one. Some of the others definitely were up for debate and overall, this decade had I believe only two players who would go #1 again in a retrospect re-draft (had 4 players in the rankings from 2010-19 who I think would). Here is the link to the YouTube of the latest episode of Viseland:

    This one was definitely easier, as most players have either retired or are reaching the crescendo of their careers. Last place hurt my heart and I think is unfortunately obvious as well (though had a better high point than the player immediately ranked ahead of him, it was just too brief). If you want to see the awesome birthday present my brother and co-host got me:

    So, anyone want to take a crack at making their own rankings of these #1 picks? Do you feel we could have swapped places with a few, or that #3 could catch #2 on the list? We are also on Apple, Spotify, SoundCloud and would appreciate any likes, subscribers and comments. Would love to have an active comments section, as I used to love the dialogue on this message board (it was really the only message board I consistently posted on). Thanks for all who have supported us, and if you missed my post earlier in the week, was on the Prep2Pro podcast, which is a podcast I definitely recommend to NBA Draft fans in general. Will link the Viseland and Prep2Pro Twitter to get links to episodes.


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