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    @hister you need to pick your coach- thibs or stevens?

    After this- we can vote- best of 7 wins each series.

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    Zouldiers’ Final team
    PG: Kyle Lowry, Malcolm Brogdon, Lonzo Ball
    SG: Jaylen Brown, Bradley Beal
    SF: Jayson Tatum, Andrew Wiggins, Bojan Bogdanovic
    PF: Giannis Antetokounmpo, Julius Randle
    C: Christian Wood, Jaren Jackson Jr.
    Coach: Erik Spoelstra

    I want to draft a team that’s versatile enough to play against anyone and this team is exactly that and who better to lead my squad than the Finals MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo. With him as the tribal chief of this squad, I need tons of scoring and players that are above average shooters where they allow the head of the table to feast on the paint. Guys like Tatum, Brown, Beal, Brogdon, Randle and Lowry gives my team tons of scoring as well as shooting and they’re solid enough defensively to stay on the floor. Drafting the like of Wiggins, JJJ and Ball gives my team some added defense, length, shooting and athleticism and Bogdanovic gives me another firepower in terms of scoring, shooting and size. This team can play against anyone and with a versatile team like this, I need a coach that’s creative in their lineups and who else than my guy Spo. His schemes will unlock the potential of this team and is capable of giving other coaches some headaches. I like the team that I drafted and for the rest of y’all, Good Luck.

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    Coach Doc Rivers
    C C Nikola Jokic/John Collins/Chris Boucher
    PF Bam Adebayo/Ben Simmons
    SF Shai Gilgeous Alexander/Jerami Grant/Bogdan Bogdanovic
    SG James Harden/CJ McCollum
    PG Trae Young/Fred Van Vleet

    Have a championship calibur coach with the reigning MVP. Starting lineup has so much playmaking it is crazy and makes the team a nightmare offensively to contain. Any player can take it on the break and go, have high post passers in Jokic and Adebayo, guards who can ISO but also can play off ball and spot up. Bench went with more of a small ball lineup since the starting lineup was big. Have switchable multi position defenders in Ben Simmons and Jerami Grant to plug in play with any mix of the starters. Two combo guards in the backcourt and Collins who can play with Jokic or Adebayo or as a small ball 5. To round out bench added another shooter in Bogdanovic and a good spot minute shotblocker and stretch big in Boucher.

    The versatility of this team can matchup with any kind of team we face and we can create lineups to play multiple styles on offense keeping the opposing defense on their toes. As they start to have success playing against our bigger lineup you make a few switches and now we have a more traditional or small ball team. You key in on one player than you run your offense through one of the other 7 players that are capable of running your offense through on this team.

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    CENTERS:Nikola Vucevic , Jarrett Allen, Richaun Holmes
    Power Forwards: Lebron, Kevin Love
    Small Forward:Brandon Ingram,OG Anunoby,
    Shooting Guards: Anthony Edwards, Buddy Hield,
    Point Guards: LaMelo Ball, Ja Morant, John Wall

    SYNOPSIS: All Great Teams start off with a Great Leader ,Lebron James is the guy i want to be the Leader of my team ..Unlike some of my competition in this NBADRAFT.NET Tournament,Their teams might be stockpiled with several top 25 players..Loaded with talent on paper,but egos,sparse minutes will make an unhappy lockerroom…My team has an Undisputed leader..A Guy in GOAT Conversation, 18 yrs in the league, 17 of those yrs averaging 25 points a game….10 Finals Appearances ,more than all but 2 Franchises His Lakers & The Boston Celtics..Top 10 All Time in almost every Category .Being a fan of the game of basketball since i was 5,watching lakers games with my uncles and older brother..Magic Johnson is my favorite player of all time..Thats why i gravitate to players with high iqs and great passing skills,like lebron ,jason kidd,cp3, ,lonzo & lamelo ball..Players that can have a huge effect on winning,by orchestrating the game without scoring…

    My centers are lob threats,finishers,rim protectors,can score inside and capable of hitting midrange shoots.. ..My team have an abundance of great passers and versatility throughtout the roster..Vecuvic,Ingram,Edwards,Lebron,Morant,Wall,Ball,Anunoby and Hield all averaged over 2 assists or more last season…

    In LaMelo Ball & Anthony Edwards 2 players that’ll be all nba as soon as next season..Edwards might replace Kat as the face of the T Wolves, something Damian Lilliard did to LaMarcus AlDridge in Portland which forced AlDrige to leave…
    I can go small with the 6’8 Ingram running the show with Morant in the backcourt and Lebron ,Hield and Holmes up front..Or Love at the 5 with any combination…Solid defenders in Anunoby,Lebron,Allen,Wall and Holmes who still plays with a chip on his shoulders..
    GOD BLESS ANY TEAM TRYING TO STOP Lebron,Ball,Ingram and Edwards on the break? And then sub Ball & Edwards with Morant & Wall 2 of the fastest guys in the league…

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    G-Luka Doncic, Russell Westbrook
    G-Donavan Mitchell, Terry Rozier
    F-Khris Middleton, Caris Levert, Harrison Barnes
    F-Pascal Siakam, Jonathan Isaac
    C-Karl Anthony Towns, Jusuf Nurkic, Serge Ibaka

    It really depends on who I’m playing when deciding where I am going to hide Doncic on defense. I made sure I can very easily cover up any exploits the other team may have on him and with Nick Nurse on my team I will have plenty of options defensively. Toronto very usually runs Siakam on the opposing teams PG or playing the pressure man in their 3-2 zone so it would allow Doncic to play PG offensively and blend in defensively on whoever decides to play more off the ball. I’m actually not in the camp that thinks he’s a “bad” defender but when your averaging 30 and 10 you need to conserve energy on that end.

    I have some things on my team that are extremely rare. Unless you have Jokic or Embiid you really cvan’t do anything with my frontcourt of Towns, Nurkic and Ibaka. Its BBQ Chicken all night long and you know this. Offensively my team is built around Doncic and Westbrook’s heavy usage game. Towns is statistically the best perimeter big man the game has seen so is a perfect match for those two. Siakam and Middleton offer great versatility being able to play iso, off the ball and as cutters and Mitchell while being more known for his iso scoring (34 points, 5 assists and near 50%, 40%, 90% last two playoffs) don’t forget he was strictly playing off the ball at Louisville and his roots come from being an athletic three and D guy so he will fit just fine off the ball. Rozier has averaged 40% on 7.5 attempts from three since joining the Hornets and similarly was an energy guy for Boston and will be fine in that role off the bench. Isaac is the only player in the entire pool to average 1.5 steals and 2.0 blocks aside from Anthony Davis. Nurkic and Ibaka give me both big and small Centers that can move their feet and Levert gives me more versatility depending on the matchup.

    I’m just being real honest here when I say good luck to anyone playing my team. Thats a tough bid.

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    The Hitster Originals
    Head Coach Tom Thibodeau
    PG Steph Curry, De’Aaron Fox, Colin Sexton
    SG Jrue Holiday,Matisse Thybulle
    SF DeMar DeRozan, Kyle Anderson
    PF Zion Williamson, Thad Young, Marcus Morris
    C Joel Embiid, Clint Capella

    I knew certain players would go with the first few picks so as all my picks were always 2 out of 4 picks I decided to draw up a short list of players to choose each pairing for. My top two picks were always going to be between Embeast, Jokic and Steph. I actuallyturned down the current MVP as if I took Jokic then the person with the next two picks would I feared take Steph and Embeast but was less likely to go twin towers so I took Steph, they took Jokic with one of their picks and I got Embest with my second pick.
    As a Phoenix fan Booker would have seemed logical but I went for Jrue’s title experience and defensive abilities to play at either guard spot plus he excelled as Giannis’ running mate this season he can do the same here. Zion is another beast so i’ve got the strongest frontcourt IMO.

    DeRozan was the highest rated scoring and most experienced SF option available. I took Matisse Thybulle as he was second All Defensive Team and can guard at 2 or 3.
    Fox was BPA and gives more ball carrying options. Capella is a rebounding beast and can be fed easy baskets plus his motor can get up and down with fast breaks or grab DRB’s to start them. I was looking at Hollinger ratings PER and plus and minses so Kyle Anderson and Thad were chosen that way plus have great experience.

    I took Sexton as best scorer available and Morris’ experience and 3 point range won him the last spot.

    As Nick Nurse way back in late 1990’s coached my local team in the UK I thought of him as coach and Brad with his experience and good record in NBA and NCAA was also considered. But when I found Nick had gone I went to Coach Thibs as he is the current coach of the year and would have a field day with some of the defensive beasts here but would have in theory an offence coach who would play to Steph and co’s strengths.

    I’ve got two All NBA players, three All NBA defensive nods, the scoring champion and Coach of the Year as my team’s backbone so I think we’d be hard to beat.

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    @dazzling dunks

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    Dazzling Dunks and Basketball Bloopers

    Sorry guys. Busy weekend.
    G lillard, booker, dinwiddie, Danny green
    Wings kawhi, George, Hayward, pj Tucker
    Bigs ayton, sabonis, brook lopez, Aaron Gordon
    Coach kerr

    I have 4 elite iso scorers. Plenty of shooting on the floor. Defensive versatility with the ability to go big or small depending on the matchup. Pick and roll game will be deadly with lillard or booker surrounded by shooters. Outstanding role man and passing big in sabonis. Length at rim with lopez and ayton. Elite defensive wings in kawhi, George, green and Tucker. Without knowing the specific matchups, I like my chances against anyone.


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