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    After a 2-6 start the Brooklyn Nets have relieved Head Coach Steve Nash of his duties. For a win now team with a lot of off court issues over the summer this isn’t a huge surprise especially as the team needs to be stronger defensively.

    With Udoka suspended for the season by Boston and Joe Mazzulla as the interim HC aclean break for all parties is probably the best course of action. If Maz tok the Celtics to the title or close like Ime did last season what would happen then.

    If the Nets have done their due dilligence on the incident that lead to Ime’s suspension and are happy there will be no such behaviour then his hiring is a no brainer for them especially as he has been an Assistant there before, worked with Ben Simmons in Philly and was part of Pops coaching tree with Nets GM Sean Marks. Boston I assume will look to appoint Mazz as their permanent HC in due course or jusr leave him in post and see how the season transpires.

    Boston aren’t after draft compensation despite Ime going to a major Conference and Divisional rival so it looks like that relationship was totally broken and they are glad to have been able to move him on and go forward with Mazz.

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    Multiple things can be true:
    -Steve Nash was a bad and ill-prepared head coach.
    -Nobody was going to make things work with Kyrie Irving setting fire to everything he touches, James Harden being out of shape, and then Ben Simmons semi-retiring at 25 without telling anyone so he can keep cashing checks.
    – Coaches will jump at the opportunity to coach KD figuring Kyrie will be gone after this year and Ben Simmons can lure in some dumb team to trade for him thinking he is salvageable.


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