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    Dazzling Dunks and Basketball Bloopers

    It’s kind of a shame that this probably won’t last because this team is playing remarkably good and entertaining basketball right now. The trades of gobert, Mitchell and bogdonovich over the summer signaled a tank job, but this team currently sits at first in western conference. They have a remarkably deep roster of quality players who are playing unselfishly. No real egos, the ball is moving beautifully and guys are hitting shots. Lauri Markannen has looked like a borderline star. This probably won’t keep up and it’s likely they probably sell off some of their higher veterans at some point this season, who have been essential to their fast start, but for right now this actually looks like at least a playoff team if they keep it together, which I know was never really the purpose to begin with.

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    I think we all take for granted and forget how talented, and if not talented, just good basketball players a lot of guys who have been reserved as role players or bench players on previous teams are. Almost every player in the league genuinely deserves to be an NBA player and if in the right system with proper personnel can play great basketball in their role. These guys are good basketball players who seem to be meshing exceptionally well. Love to think rookie head coach Will Hardy is a big part of it as well.


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