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    Dazzling Dunks and Basketball Bloopers

    They currently sit at 42-16 with the second best record in the western conference and the entire league. They could easily finish the season with the league’s best record. They are 7th in overall offensive rating and 5th in defensive rating. On paper at least this team fits the profile of a title contender.
    Monty Williams has done an amazing job and would be my pick for coach of the year if the season ended today. And yet, even though I hate to sound skeptical here, I just have a hard time believing this team could beat fully healthy versions of the lakers, clippers or even jazz in a seven game series. This has been a weird season and I think they have benefited greatly from good health when so many other teams have dealt with injuries to key players. There are no players on the roster outside of Chris Paul and Jae crowder with any meaningful playoff experience.
    So what is your take on Phoenix? Do they have all the ingredients to take the leap this year, or are there still some pieces missing?

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    My problem with Phoenix is that when you play with Chris Paul, you always play to the best your capabilities in the regular season but rarely have I seen a Chris Paul lead team get better in the playoffs. Phoenix is excellent and a complete roster with good wing depth, but it the playoffs, Devin Booker won’t be the best player on the floor when playing Clips, Lakers, Mavericks, Nets, Philly, or Denver. I think they are a 2nd round exit. My general rule of thumb for playoff picks is pick the team with the best player so as long as Bron / Davis and / or George and Leonard are healthy, I won’t be picking Phoenix.

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      that’s a good “rule of thumb”.

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    If they do in fact finish with the best record, CP3 should be MVP. His case would be every bit as strong as Nash’s was in 2005.


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