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    This was attempted a few years ago, but never finished. With this site finally working, people can post-hopefully there is more interest).. Simply post one player who has ever played (can include Oscar Schmidt, Drazen Petrovich). Team order is decided by all time NBA win percentage, snake draft, so the last pick in the first round, will pick first in the second (back to back picks)
    Here is the order of the picks;

    This will be posted every 2 days or so.
    12 picks, followed by 1 pick for coach (13 in total)

    Seedings will be determined by group ranking of teams 1-30 where people will post their order of teams 1-30. No west or east. (1 point for ranked first, two for second, ect with the, lowest average teams ranked in order)
    Playoffs will be voting who wins in a 7 game series, modern rules 3 point line, but hand checking and zone allowed)

    Health: All players are assumed healthy and in the primes the whole time. Grant Hill at his best for example, cant assume he would’ve been better if healthy.

    With the first pick, the San Antonio Spurs select…


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