Xavier Rathan-Mayes Pro Prospects

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Xavier Rathan-Mayes Pro Prospects

Does anyone think Rathan-Mayes has the potential to play in the NBA? His development over the past two seasons has been very impressive:

Efficiency: went from shooting 41.6% from the field with 3.4 TOPG (1.26 A/TO ratio) to shooting 47.4% with 1.8 TOPG (2.5 A/TO ratio).

Playmaking: has really improved as a playmaker (from 4.9 APG per 40 to 7.2 APG per 40).

Shooting: Has gone from an abysmal 28.1% to a passable 35.6% on threes.

Composure: looks much more under control, takes good shots and makes the right play.

He is an older junior (will soon turn 23), still isn't a true PG and isn't the best player on his team. However, he has very good size for a PG and is a pretty good scorer. With the way he has been developing and how well his team has played, I think some teams might look at him in the second round of the draft if he comes out, what do you think?

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He's developing....

He's developing into a solid point guard, he still has a long way to go as far as being a consistent efficient and effective playmaker and decision maker from the point guard position. He still struggles with controlling tempo, dictating pace, knowing when to be an aggressive scorer with-in the flow of the offense, while still keeping his teammates involved with his passing skills. At times he still looks like a shooting guard who is still learning how to play the point guard position. He always looks way more effective when he's a aggressive scorer, but his shot selection at times can be very poor

He does show talent and underrated skill as a shooter and scorer. He has a variety of dribble moves that he can use to create space and excellent shooting touch to make shots on the perimeter when guarded by tough defenders, but he's a average athlete who struggles to turn the corner to drive past his defender, he is not crafty or very explosive around the rim as a finisher, and he struggles when he has to maneuver in traffic

I like his potential though, and think he can be a solid player that is similar to Seth Curry and David Wesley if he continues to develop. He really does have the size and skills that will help him develop into a good combo guard at the NBA or pro level. But his decision making and shot selection must improve, he also has to develop a crafty skill set that relies on great read the defense and make the right play decision making, in-order to consistently give himself an advantage against elite athletes who are high quality defenders

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If I'm not mistaken, at least one of his patents was either a pro player or olympian

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