would you declare?

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would you declare?

would you declare for this year's draft if you were ______?

nerlens noel
archie goodwin
alex poythress
isaiah austin
tony mitchell
andre roberson
lebryan nash
patric young
jamaal franklin
rudy gobert
allen crabbe
kyle anderson
tim hardaway jr
dario saric
lucas nogueria
sean kilpatrick
james mcadoo
lorenzo brown
markel brown
cj leslie
kentavious caldwell-pope
myck kabongo
cj fair
cj wilcox
keith appling
jarnell stokes
gorgui dieng
daniel diez
mohammadou jaiteh
clint capela
bj young
deshaun thomas
deonte burton
ray mccallum
jerian grant
dewayne dedmon
aaron craft
pj hairston
cory jefferson
steven adams
dwight powell
alec brown
amath mbaye
ryan harrow
alan williams

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I am declaring if I am all of

I am declaring if I am all of them. This is one of the weakest drafts in recent memory, and next year's looks to be very strong. All in all, the chances of getting picked high this year are much better than any future years, so go now.

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i don't think it is that easy

i don't think it is that easy for all of them, that's why i posted. next year is the better draft class but a lot of these guys are not ready or not being show cased enough or have some kind of issue. nerlens noel is good and can be the top pick for example, but with the torn acl, what if he somehow fell out of the lottery or even dropped towards the 10-14 range? his teammate poythress has a chance to put it together next year more than he has this year. myck kabongo was out and hasn't been able to showcase his skills all year to get recognition. would mcadoo be better if he had a pg in the offense to set him up? before the season he was considered a top seven pick after having kendall marshall on his side. rudy gobert is a big project player with unreal size, but maybe he can put up better numbers with a season of polishing and have his stock rise. i do see your point about the difference in draft classes , but you can always find a gem in any draft class and each individual has a case. ryan harrow is a guy nobody believes will even make an nba roster yet he routinely schooled marquise teague last year in practice, who made the first round in a better draft last year. but it's not like harrow will likely even start in college next year.

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Aaron Craft already said he

Aaron Craft already said he has no desire to go to the NBA and wants to pursue his doctorate degree

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Anyone that will be a 1st

Anyone that will be a 1st round pick: yes

Anyone that won't be: Still maybe yes depending on the situation.

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but so many of those players

but so many of those players are bubble first rounders.

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Kilpatrick, Nash and

Kilpatrick, Nash and Anderson No.

CJ Fair and everyone below him No, with the exception of maybe Cory Jefferson.

Everybody else yes.

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Hairston, Thomas and Mccallum

Hairston, Thomas and Mccallum maybe.

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nerlens noel

nerlens noel yes
archie goodwin yes
alex poythress yes because of the new class coming in.
isaiah austin yes baylor has a bad record with players staying
tony mitchell yes because he still might get potential credit this but will not if he stays another year.
andre roberson no
lebryan nash no
patric young no
jamaal franklin maybe he should see were he's projected
rudy gobert yes potential will get him drafted
allen crabbe no
kyle anderson no
tim hardaway jr no
dario saric no
lucas nogueria no
sean kilpatrick no
james mcadoo no
lorenzo brown no
markel brown yes he is riding a winning season
cj leslie no
kentavious caldwell-pope yes if projected in the first round which I think he will be.
myck kabongo yes I think he'll still be a fringe lottery pick
cj fair no
cj wilcox no
keith appling no
jarnell stokes no
gorgui dieng no
daniel diez no
mohammadou jaiteh yes has potential
clint capela no
bj young no
deshaun thomas no
deonte burton no
ray mccallum no
jerian grant no
dewayne dedmon yes
aaron craft no
pj hairston no
cory jefferson no
steven adams maybe if he projects first round.
dwight powell no
alec brown no
amath mbaye no
ryan harrow no
alan williams no

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I Agree except for...

Steven Adams - only if top 15 otherwise next year.
Dario Saric - yes
C.J Wilcox - maybe if he projects first round.

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Well, their are extenuating

Well, their are extenuating circumstances with all of these players that we may or may not know. Still, since the question is kind of "What would you do if you were these players", I will try to delve into their minds for their possible decisions.

nerlens noel: Yes. Absolutely. Will be a top pick and why risk another injury?

archie goodwin: Yes. I mean, if I were him I might want to come back and work on a few things, but it would be a zoo at his position if he came back next year, plus he will still more than likely be a top 20 pick at least.

alex poythress: Yes. I mean, probably. Could easily use more work, is a super tweener and I believe much more of a 4 as opposed to a 3. Still, in this draft, he is a first round prospect. I mean, how much did coming back do for Terrence Jones (who had much more of a skill set, by the way)

isaiah austin: Yes. He still is intriguing enough to possibly be a lottery pick. I wouldn't pick him there, but someone will. Again, why risk it?

tony mitchell: Yes. For him to play this badly and still more than likely be a first round pick just points to his outstanding athleticism. Stands out even more in a draft that as has been established, is not deep.

andre roberson: No. This guy could be a fringe first rounder, just think he could come back for another season, work on some perimeter skills and becoming more of a competent scorer and cement his draft status.

lebryan nash: No. He has no NBA position right now and still needs major work on the mental game. Will suck to lose Marcus Smart and Markel, this is still a guy who needs to "get it" before he leaves. Just feel he could do better with another year, though he may just be stuck as a 4 in a (strong) 3's body. With limited perimeter and rebounding skills, plus horrible shot selection.

patric young: No. Another guy who might be much better off as a senior. I see so little in him as a NBA 4, plus his size does not scream much more than end of the bench at best if he is a 5. Playing with the kids next year could be big for him, think it is a better choice.

jamaal franklin: Yes. I just feel he is gone. The guys issues shooting the ball are well documented. He is a solid athlete, though have heard teams are not quite sure where his head is at. Still, doubt his stock rises much as a senior and he will get drafted, have a chance to try and grind to prove himself.

rudy gobert: Yes. Stock is not getting higher. He wants to play in the NBA and while he is a ways away from contributing, he would be an automatic entry next year. Strike while the iron is hot.

allen crabbe: Yes. Had a great finish to this season and is a nice scorer on the wing. Doubt his stock rises much if he stayed another year, why risk it?

kyle anderson: No. Will have the ball in his hands much more, needs plenty of work shooting the ball and can maybe show his ability on the perimeter a tad more as opposed to his stint at the 4 spot for a majority of this season. Plus, heard rumblings he is coming back.

tim hardaway jr.: Yes. He could use another year, but think his stock is at a high point. Derrick Walton looks nice, just my guess they struggle a bit without Trey Burke and guess who would get the blame for that

dario saric: No. I mean, the guy will be a first round pick and I think he is one of the better prospects in this draft. Just think he can obviously use some time and possibly could elevate his stock. Think he is going to enter and do not think it is a bad decision either way, just feel he could take his time. Think he does enter, though.

lucas nogueira: Yes. Stock more likely to go down than up with another year. He is who he is and if their is talk about him getting drafted, he should enter.

sean kilpatrick: No. Has really struggled shooting this year and feel like his stock has dropped a bit. Believe he has a strong chance of entering, just feel another year could straighten out some edges. Expected more from him.

james mcadoo: No. Think another year would be excellent for him to figure exactly who he is and establish a consistency at the college level. Could definitely enter and should still be a first round pick in my eyes.

lorenzo brown: Yes. Not getting younger. Think age is not a huge issue in his case, just believe he showed incredibly little improvement and yet still could be a first round pick. Why risk it?

markel brown: Yes. If scouts feel the same way Aran does, leave with Smart. Has had a strong season and things will not be as easy next year without his PG.

cj leslie: Yes. Weak draft, take off. His mental game has not yet come to the party and doubt it will with another year. Unless he can magically gain some weight (has yet to), than take off.

kentavious caldwell-pope: Yes. I think this guy has had a nice end to the season, can score and while he has to work on his shot selection, Georgia has so little to help him. I say split.

myck kabongo: Yes. Think he still will be an interesting PG prospect for people to ponder this year. Plus, after last off-season, why risk another NCAA mess. He has handled it about as well as you can, which says something. Would love to see him come back and have a full season, just think he will leave and don't blame him.

cj fair: No. Surprised how little buzz he is getting for being Cuse's leading scorer/rebounder, but think he could use work. Another year would make him so much more prepared and could see him being one of the top returning seniors.

cj wilcox: No. Would not have been my answer at the beginning of the season, the Huskies have struggled. This guy is definitely talented and could see him doing much better with a guy like Nigel Williams-Goss running the point. I see him coming back.

keith appling: No. Dont know about Keith as a NBA guy. He is a total combo and his shooting has been way inconsistent. Work on another summer and see what happens.

jarnell stokes: No. This guy can use a lot of work, maybe cut down some weight and work on that mid range jumper. Would help him quite a bit.

gorgui dieng: Yes. Think he is what he is and that is enough to be drafted. Hurt earlier in the year, why risk it.

daniel diez: No. Needs time and could still definitely improve his stock. Same time next year, could be a possiblity.

mohammadou jaiteh: No. Young, raw and can use seasoning.

clint capela: No. Same reasons as Jaiteh. That being said, both could definitely enter.

bj young: No. Why not try to become an actual PG? If he could develop into a scoring PG rather than a SG, could really up his stock.

deshaun thomas: Yes. Do not think his stock is getting much higher than it is now.

deonte burton: No. Very inconcsistent and while he has some physical qualties that are intriguing for a PG, still much more of a 2

ray mccallum: No. Feel he is very close to being a definite 1st round PG. With a senior year, could get there.

jerian grant: No. Has two more years, can improve his shot and decision making, maybe show value as a PG as opposed to a combo

dewayne dedmon: No. This guy is all physical/athletic attributes and so little actual skill set. His feel for the game is not evident in the least. I feel he would go undrafted, one more year could change some minds.

aaron craft: No. This is a 4 year player. I do not know about his NBA aspirations and feel if anything, could improve his overall offensive skill set.

pj hairston: No. One more year and this guy could be in the top half of the first round. Just keep working on his body and could see him being a solid scoring guard prospect in 2014, even more so than now.

cory jefferson: No. I know his athleticism is enticing, though he could still stand to gain weight and drifts in/out of games. Think he could have a really strong senior season next year, would be good for him.

steven adams: No. I know his families situation, just honestly believe this guy could go lotto with another year. His physical and athletic characteristics are off the charts, just needs some seasoning/confidence.

dwight powell: No. Ended up having a pretty nice year, one more he could be a much more coveted NBA prospect.

alec brown: No. The guy needs A LOT of work on his body. Did not have the breakout year many expected and think he should go back to the drawing board.

amath mbaye: No. Could definitely use work to develop a NBA position plus establish exactly what he would bring to the table.

ryan harrow: No. I know, the Harrisons are coming and he will be exiled to the depths of the bench. Well, Calipari can always use guys in his rotation, he would still see some minutes. Plus, after the Harrisons split, who knows what the PG story will be for his last season? Either way, definitely not ready and do not know what team would risk taking him.

alan williams: No. He is a tweener, definitely needs to work on his skill set and would be nice to see him become more efficient in his role as primary option. Another season would definitely be advisable.

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wow, even put explanations! i

wow, even put explanations! i commend you for taking the time to do that! i even agree with most of your comments for each player. i do like patric young probably more than most people on here though. i see him in the league and believe he can make it as a pf. he is charlie hustle out there. the bo outlaw, loy vaught, jerome williams, tyrone hill in your face type of player. alan williams could be better as a primary option and i would agree with you that he could use another year, however he is in the top ten in efficiency in the country. i like how you said no to mcadoo. if i were him i would stay another year.

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Agreed, except Jamaal Franklin

I agree with everything, except how can you say Franklin is a solid athlete. Dude is an absolute freak

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How about spencer dinwiddie ?

How about spencer dinwiddie ?

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Sheldon McClellan

I have bee watching him since last year. What is Sheldon McClellan not getting more NBA attention? The guy puts up really big numbers and looks like a legitimate NBA 2 guard especially with Kybonga back. Just curious. Hookemhorns!!!!

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