Willie Cauley

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Willie Cauley

Cauley had a monster game last night (15 pts 8 boards, 9 blocks) and showed what I think is a harbinger of the NBA: one point guard and four hybrid players. In a dead sprint, Cauley is 4/5 times the fastest person on the court in a college game, he's a legit seven-footer (who has seemingly gotten taller since last year). He's got above average post defense. He's got a good attitude and when he runs the floor, it's near guaranteed points. What is the general consensus for Willie Cauley? NBA no-man's land in terms of position, or valuable multi-faceted role player?

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At the beginning of the year

At the beginning of the year I said WCS would be first center taken in this years draft. Embiid is most likely going to prove me wrong, but WCS should still be a top 10 pick due to his size, athleticism and motor. He's raw offensively and needs to add strength and size but I see him in the Tyson Chandler type mold. I don't know why he would be in no-man's land in terms of position, he is clearly a center in the NBA. There really isn't much grey area about it, he's 7 feet tall, blocks shots, rebounds and spends his time in the paint. If it looks like a center, smells like a center, and sounds like a center, it's probably a center.

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I think he'll go in the 5-10

I think he'll go in the 5-10 range. Has elite defensive potential and Tyson Chandler is a strong comparison. I think he'll be the second C taken behind Embiid.

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I like the Tyson Chandler

I like the Tyson Chandler comparison and I also kinda like the Joakim Noah comparison. I like watching both he and Embiid play, but right now today...I'm not sure what Embiid does better than Willie.

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I don't think WCS has the

I don't think WCS has the defensive awareness to be compared to Tyson Chandler.

I see him in the mold of Javale. He has the tools to be amongst the top big men in the league but it seems very unlikely they will.

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I think he's going to slip a

I think he's going to slip a little, this draft has a lot of talent, I see him more in the 10-25, unless a team is desperately looking for a big before. He has really interesting physical tools, but he's very raw on offense and I don't see much potential on that side of the court, he has poor hands, sometimes he's not able to keep the ball after he gets it, he has no back to basket moves, he's pretty mechanical in the low post, and his footwork isn't that polished. Especially the bad hand thing limits his potential as a finisher in dynamic situation: guys like Chandler or Birdman don't have much of an offensive game, but they are really good positioning themselves on the baseline and moving behind the back of defenders when they leave to help on players driving, making a very good job of opening for easy dunks and layups; Chandler is a very good pick and roll player, he sets good screens and attacks the paint after the screen very well. I don't see this ability in WCS. Also on D he's nowhere close to the awareness Chandler has developed and that makes him one of the best interior defenders in the Nba. He's a great shotblocker right now, he can make plays. But I see the potential on D, and I think this is his best attribute and what will make him a draft pick. If I have to make a comparison I'd say his ceiling is a more mature and focused Javale McGee, though not as athletic and long as Javale (but still very good) and a little worse on offense. I see him as a fringe starter/good back up who can bring energy, blocks some shots, run the floor.

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Young Joakim Noah (without

Young Joakim Noah (without all the muscle)

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I think his ceiling

is 14,12,3 if given right minutes.I dont really agree with Noah-Chandler comp for multiple reasons,He's not as good passer as Noah,and he's right now better shotblocker then CHandler. I would say Larry Sanders maybe ?

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Young Joakim Noah

was without all the muscle.....as good as willie is, noah was the better college player....

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I think he will go in the 10-15 range. I think he has the potential to do more than dunk on the offensive end. He has nice touch around the rim and a decent handle for a guy that tall. His speed could make for some easy buckets in a high tempo offense or with a quality point guard.

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depends on his work ethic.

depends on his work ethic. which he seems to have. I dont think he will be the defender that Chandler is, but his all-around game could end up being better. if given the time to develop in the right situation...I dont see him necessarily being an All Star but still a very good player.

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