Wichita state

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Wichita state

its my first time to watch a live telecast NCAA march madness game, and well there format of the do or die really makes it amazing, 64 teams battle it out for the bragging rights for the whole year, and not one player is allowed to have an off night, or its going for home for you

anyways, I watched wichita state vs the Ohio game and i was intrigued on who on the current roster of wichita state would be drafted even in the late 2nd round

Carl Hall - I like his toughness, he was elbowed right in his chin yet after he was checked for concussion he again sacrificed his body to get a charge, i like his character but he lacks the body, he only stand 6'8" for a power forward, thats short, well he could be a brian scalibrine, or brian cardinal type of player,

is there anyone in wichita state who could be drafted?

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Cleanthony Early is a 6-8

Cleanthony Early is a 6-8 small forward who might get drafted next year. Probably the guy with the most NBA potential on the team.

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