Why shouldn't Derrick Rose be MVP?

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The only case I think I could make is for Dwight this year. Lebron has had a great year but I highly doubt that the voters would give it to him three years in a row. I personally think Rose will win it this year since the media has already christened him as the MVP. I would make an argument but it's 3 in the morning and I'm sleepy.

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rose has this mvp on lock and

rose has this mvp on lock and people say the media has already gave it to him it wasnt like he playing subpar and the team had like 49 wins and they were praising him but thats not the case the kid and his new team are on pace to win almost 22 more games then a year ago,hes avg career highs in almost every stat with 2 players who people wanna name as all stars caliber players in boozer and noah who have been in and out all season,behind probably kobe he has been the best closer in the league this season he has also emerged as the best pg in the league. also as a leader hes very improved his teammates love him his attitude rubs off on everyone and his i just wanna win and do what ever it takes attitude is why ppl wanna play with him

lebron is the best player in the league hands down imo but thats not what the mvp stands for lebron is avg a point better ppl wanna say westbrook and rose have been doin almost the same but so has rose and lebron its just lebron is like 5 or 6 inches taller thus the rebound difference, this heat team were supposed to win like 70 games according to this same media that ppl say gave rose the mvp award and they most likely wont even finish with the best record in the east.

dwight howard is the most dominant player in the league but i think his value is kind of overrated yeah he is the anchor on defense blah blah blah but they won 59 games last season and that same team early on in the season with howard who were underachieving hence the trade for those new players who since the trade as a team are 32 and 19 and when jameer plays well they usually win and play well dwight gets his numbers but if he was more demanding he could be avg more points, also there have been lots of games this season when he was a non factor or vanshied in games which brings his value down and hes a no show in crunch time,also the reason for dwights all of a sudden mvp debates and arguements are because his annoying ass coach who dosent know when to shut up said something and then the guy says last night when they lost to the raptors" i cant trust no one on this team people wanna pick spots i dont kno who to trust" cmon son u not gonna back your best player

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