Who will join LeBron? FA or Trade Scenarios

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Who will join LeBron? FA or Trade Scenarios

So I've got way too much free time at work at the end of the year and I was digging around the free agents and players option list for this up coming off-season aaaaaaand I don't think LeBron is getting too much help. Lets go down the list real quick and look at the options

Kevin Durant - Hes got an option and while I could see him leaving the Warriors, and as much of a snake as people think he is I don't think he'd join forces with his ultimate enemy. Pass

Kawhi Leonard - Not a sure thing but sounds like he'd rather be the big down instead of Brons co-host. Seems like Clippers or bust, even after this fun little run with the Raptors thats probably all it will be. Pass

Kyrie Iriving - Don't need to get in to this. Pass

Jimmy Butler - The biggest possibility to me but I think he'll stay with Philly realizing how much short and long term potential they have. Pass (but possible turnover)

Klay Thompson - From Cali, though still plays in Cali, Dad was a Laker, but he seems like a team guy and if KD leaves he'll get paid. Also doesn't seem like a "trader" but who knows anymore. Pass

Kemba Walker - The first real possibility. Would be his new Kyrie. Gets buckets just as well at this point in his career and probably about the same on D. Only questions are is he a top two or three on a championship team or just a really good lead dog on a meh team. Shoots (but might miss at the buzzer)

Kris Porzingis - Won't leave the Knicks this early unless the really f*ck things up. Pass

DeMarcus Cousins - Would love to see how he fits and I don't think one year with the Warriors would turn him off from the Lakers but if KD leaves I could also see them making a huge push to retain him as well. Way too tough to call at this point but would love to see how LeBron functions with a legit big man center. Jump Ball

Tobias Harris - Literally love this guy as a player. Don't think hes good enough to be a two or three option for max money with LeBron though. Block

That wraps up the free agents list for me. There are some other talented guys left but some are either really getting up there in years or I don't think are worth max money in free agency. So for me it really comes down Kemba, Cousins and maybe a Jimmy Butler barring something wild with Kevin, Kawhi or Klay. Lets examine the trade market potentially for co-stars now.

John Wall - It seems like he could be on the move but that massive 40 million a year contract seems to pretty intimidating to take on. Really good player but worth the money? Its really tough for me to gauge what his trade value would be.

Bradley Beal - It feels like the Wizards would be crazy to trade him but probably should blow up the the him and John Wall experiment. It might take an Ingram and Lonzo type package to pull it off but I think it would be worth it.

Blake Griffin - I'm not sure if the Pistons would blow this up yet especially with him playing like an fringe MVP at times this season. If they don't make the playoffs though its possible he gets shipped out at some point. Package could be lighter than Beals but I'm not sure how well he would mesh with LeBron.

Kevin Love - Only included because I think this would be hilarious.

Anthony Davis - Finally the one that every constantly points to for the Celtics and Lakers. Unless the Pelicans get desparate and see no reason that he would re-sign I don't get how they could even consider this with out gobbling up all the Lakers young assets in return. AD doesn't strike me as a big market guy but I think he'll take the money and where ever I can also win route. I also don't think this happens until at least next year honestly.

Moral of the story, I'm not a big LeBron guy but I almost feel bad for the dude. I don't think he went to LA to win more Championships but still I don't think hes getting more unless KD goes to the Knicks and a couple of these guys jump on his boat which seems kind of unlikely to me.

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Honestly I don't see any big

Honestly I don't see any big time free agent going to join him in LA, I see 2 scenarios playing out:

#1 - The Lakers continue to develop their young talent in Kuzma, Ball, Ingram & Hart in hopes that come the 3rd & 4th year of Lebron's contract they are in a position to compete, while continuing to add small pieces.

#2 - They use those young guys to make a trade, be it for Bradley Beal or Anthony Davis or any other upgrade out there.

Personally a guy I would be looking at bringing in this Summer would be Derrick Favors, he is a big, strong, physical, defensive, rebounding big man and he is still quite young.

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surprised vucevic isn't on this list. he's an UFA and is having an all-star year. would be a nice fit next to lebron offensively. defensively, he'd have same effect as love but maybe less negative impact since he's a true center.

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Who needs vucevic when you

Who needs vucevic when you have Zubac!!!!!!

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Like a better version of

Like a better version of Kevin Love.

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Currently the Hornets are

Currently the Hornets are tied for 7th-8th in the east. If they miss the playoffs (unlikely in my opinion), Kemba could definitely head to LA. If he doesn't get the SuperMax, the first 4 years of the mid-max resigning with the players current team isnt a huge difference compared to signing somewhere else. It's the 5th year that may be important to a player of his age because its doubtful anyone would be offering anything close to the $43 million he could get in the 5th year of the mid-max resigning with Charlotte, if hes coming off his 4th year somewhere else when he's 33. I could see him signing with the Lakers, then with Kemba, Lebron, Lonzo, Ingram, Kuzma, Hart, Wagner, Bonga, and Mykhailiuk they could be dangerous if Durant heads east. Maybe they can still resign McGee and/or Chandler or another big-man on the cheap, grab a shooter or two (I think they'll try and pilfer Danny Green from Toronto), and the best shooter that falls to them in the back end of the 1st round in the draft, that's a good team. Maybe they give up enough of those 7 guys under contract next season not named Lebron and outbid Boston for AD... either way I think they're dangerous in a playoff series.

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Don't see it at all with

Don't see it at all with KD,KP,Kyrie,Klay,Kawhi and likely Kemba as long as Hornets are paying him his money, and doubt they want Klove so basically not anyone with name starts with K
Wall is gettable but fit is questionable and contract not worth it, Beal won't be traded IMO unless one of Porter/Wall is removed too. They won't blow it by trading their best player/contract first.
AD could be there, but I think team like Boston can offer more unless he says he will never re-signs there.
So that leaves Harris,Favours, Vucevic , COusins,Deandre, Barnes of players. All whom could improve Lakers drastically than they are atm, but it will be a question whether the Lakers want to push for it or keep dreaming for the "future" and keep space for AD in 2020 or Embiid/Giannis in 2021.
I think they should make calls to Pelicans during off-season until July 1st but don't wit till FA is over.

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Trade or F.A targets..

It all depends on the play style they will go with...

It depends are you building around Lebron or Young core...

If you are building around your young core you go the F.A route...The primary and only target in next years class I would target is one of either Klay or K.D.. That is it no one else as they can play without the ball+ space the floor and the rest don't make sense and will further stunt your young cores growth..

If I am going the trade route...

A.D first target he could do all the things K-love did and plays actuall defense lol...He would come at a high price but if you did this move it may allow you to then target a Jimmy Butler or Kemba as F.A's

Beal-If you can get him without giving up Kuzma and Ball you think about doing this..So maybe Ingram,KCP and picks sort of move..But this means you move forward with a core of LBJ,Beal and Maybe one of the young core as you big 3 or 4...

K-love you only do this if you believe he is a better defender than Kuzma and if you think Kuzma will never get it on that end..He has good chemistry with Lebron and knows how to handle the spot light and likes playing with LBJ..

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