Where should LeBron and PG play next season?

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Where should LeBron and PG play next season?

I know players don't look just at basketball, but if you could, where should these guys go that would be the best basketball fit?

My take:

Lebron: SA, Houston, Portland.

My favorite is Portland. I know they don't have cap room, but they could find a way to get off some bad contracts. If they could somehow keep Lilliard, McCoulum, Aminu and Collins with LeBron at the 3-4, he would be in heaven. Lilliard and McCoulum would have open looks like never before. Likely the have to lose McCoulum to make it work. I'd still do it.

PG: Utah

The others above would work too, but that might make Utah an all-time great defense. Plus Utah would love his athleticism and shotmaking. He would love playing on a TEAM instead of the Russ and Friends show.

The other thing I like about these two options is a player is trying to take a team that somethwere it has never been with players who have never been there, but are great organizations and coaches.

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Its sort of the same with Utah and Mitchell...

Lebron who knows where he goes all depends on what stage of his career is at is ride of into the sunset with the Cavs/Rockets(team banna boat) or does he really want to go through the mentoring stage of his career with a team like L.A or 76ers?

as for P.G

That is a hard question but my guess is the any of the following:

OKC-Re ups as he seemed to not mind having another player help carry some of the load just injuries and lack of chemistry was a little bit of the issues with OKC. But we can offer the biggest deal to him unless he does us a solid of a sign and trade...

Lakers-The most common one and they have a nice core with a pass first Point guard..They also have enough cap to bring in that other big name if they wanted to...

The Suns-A wild card team like the lakers a nice young core if they could some how make some more cap room for another star(maybe Boogie) and bring in Ball to be their P.G they would have a crazy starting 5...

Where ever Lebron goes...I could see the Cavs some how pulling a trade off for P.G(if this is on P.G's list of teams) Something like K-love(who wanted to play with Russell at some point),the 8th pick and someone else maybe Rodney hood sign and trade for P.G(sign and trade) and Melo(to make money work)

As for the Jazz

I don't know if P.G would a) want to go to the Jazz b)If he wouldn't stunt Mitchell and c) How he would fit there.. The other thing maybe just maybe they are better off playing a detroit pistons like team(where there is no clear superstar on the team) and they all buy in and win vs a couple of stars and flame out like when Hayward was there.

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Lebron could literally go

Lebron could literally go anywhere and his team will be a championship team, but for sake of argument I will say Denver alongside Murray, Harris, NJ and Milsap

PG needs to go home, Ingram is not the answer, play alongside Ball, Kuzma and Randle

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