Warriors vs Wizards Vegas Summer League

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Warriors vs Wizards Vegas Summer League

I didn't watch this game but just saw the highlights...and boy am I happy that is the case. The Warriors won 56-52 in a shootout. They shot 25.9% as a team and somehow found a way to win. They were 2-16 from downtown and only had two players make more than 1 field goal. Kent Bazemore carried them to victory with 21 points and had 7 of their 15 made field goals.

Otto Porter was 3-13 for 7 points but did hit two nice long range jumpers that I saw. Chris Singleton was their best player as you might expect and put up 13. He was the only player in double figures for the Wiz. The only other thing to note was Glen Rice Jr had a nice jam on a pump fake and drive to the bucket.

So for all the people saying how intense these games are....and comparing the players stats to those they will put up in the NBA....just know that a team has not shot this bad in a winning effort in NBA game since the 1950's.

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Otto Porter struggled to free

Otto Porter struggled to free himself up. It was a tad concerning, but it's important to remember that the defenses won't be geared towards him when he's on the court in the reg. season. He definitely has troubles creating space in order to get off his jumper. And I doubt that coaches will use screens to get him open. My advice to Porter would be to focus on his ball handling.

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It was the lowest scoring

It was the lowest scoring game in summer league history.

Washington did a poor job of getting a point guard to help emulate John Wall in the SL...Sundiata Gaines was horrible.

Porter looked like the best player on the floor at times. He moved well without the ball, crashed the boards and played exceptional defense.

They'll get another chance tomorrow night against the Knicks.

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