Vassilis Spanoulis Named 2013 Euroleague MVP

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Vassilis Spanoulis Named 2013 Euroleague MVP

Vassilis Spanoulis, named bwin MVP of the 2012-13 Turkish Airlines Euroleague

Vassilis Spanoulis of Olympiacos Piraeus was named 2012-13 bwin Euroleague MVP at the EFES Euroleague Awards Ceremony held at the City Hall in London, England on Thursday.

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Well deserved

Well deserved, he has been outstanding. Great ambassador for European hoops and speaking from a sporting perspective worth the price that Olmpiacos forked out for.

EB, do you know what his contract situation is? I'm under the impression that he's on a three year deal that expires June 2013, any hope of seeing him in the NBA again or do you think he stays in Europe (most likely Greece) to continue winning titles, cup, awards etc?

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Grats Vassilis! MVP of the Euroleague, I wonder how good he'd be in the NBA?

Oh wait...
NBA GP - 31

FG% - 0.319
3P% - 0.172
FT% - 0.810
RBD - 0.7
AST - 0.9
STL - 0.2
BLK - 0.0
PPG - 2.7

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Possiblly the worst player in

Possiblly the worst player in the NBA the last decade.

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Brian Cardinal, Brian

Brian Cardinal, Brian Scalabrine and Adam Morrison, Like this

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The White Mamba had the

The White Mamba had the something special for a bench player who doesnt play much. The fans loved him, his teammates loved him, he was good at cheering on the bench. It was cool hearing him speak about his time in the NBA, he would joke about what he did, then he played people one on one who thought they could beat him.

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But 81% from the

But 81% from the stripe!
Dwight Howard only dreams he had that touch!

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Spanoullis could have a good

Spanoullis could have a good career over there if it wasnt the mental aspect. He couldnt accept to be a role player and homesick. His skills/athleticism are undeniable.

Given that he has a family now and he is 30 y/o its safe to say that he will not try again to go to NBA.

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Oh how I miss Drazen

Oh how I miss Drazen Petrovic...

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@ Euroballer

Did thanasis adetokoubo and nemanja nedovic withdraw their names from the draft? I haven't been able to find much info on them.

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He's a really good player.

He's a really good player. NBA caliber for sure, but like the poster above said, he couldn't accept a lesser role. I can't blame him for thinking he was better than Rafer f'ing Alston though. If he had a little more patience, he would've stuck and eventually would've been a starting PG IMO.

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