Uh Oh

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Uh Oh

Realgm is reporting that Brooklyn Nets GM Billy king has been closely watching the Los Angeles situation and is now looking at a third team with an attractive trade piece in order to snag Dwight Howard from the Lakers, many people still believe dwight wants to play in Brooklyn as he doesn't look happy playing with Kobe. Is there a Dwightmare part 2 coming soon? It doesn't help that Pau wants out either.

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The Lakers have to, i mean

The Lakers have to, i mean HAVE to make a deal and not just because they are so awful but because of the cap issues they're facing this summer. Memphis delt with their cap this morning and the Lakers should be in the near future.

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The Nets are playing so well

The Nets are playing so well under PJ....naturally Billy King would want to do something to screw that up.

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Billy King couldnt put a

Billy King couldnt put a contender around Iverson who for a few years was the most unstoppable player not named Shaq in the league. All King had to do was get some athletic bigs and perimeter defenders who could hit the 3. Instead he brought in guys like Chris Webber and Glen Robinson who at that point in there career couldnt even run back on defense. He drafted Hughes over Pierce then traded him the season he broke out. When King finally found AI perfect complimemtary player in IGGY he traded AI for Andre Miller who effectively took the Sixers out of the Durant hunt. Atleast he got the Thad Young pick right.

At this poimt with the Nets roster I dunno if I even wanna trade Lopez for Howard. Tho I would trade Howard in a heartbeat for a combo involving Lopez. I think Howard has proven he is not a Lebron, Dumcan, CP3 type talent thatll turn ur team into an instant contender.

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