UCONN-Jeremy Lamb and Shabazz

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UCONN-Jeremy Lamb and Shabazz

These guys are just flat out awesome, they really might have the most dangerous backcourt in the nation. I expected as much from Lamb, but Shabazz has established himself as one of the top point guards in the Big East, if not the entire nation !!! I have a feeling that UCONN will only improve over the next few weeks too, when boatright makes his debut they could become damn near unstoppable because hes as quick and as explosive as anyone in the nation. Oh, and Andre will only improve as the season continues, hes taking a while to come along, but he is still one of the premier prospects of the last decade....and Oriahki and the others will do well soon as well...UConn is a very serious contender

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finally shabazz is starting

finally shabazz is starting to get the recognition he deserves. and jeremy lamb is making a case for national POY early on...

on another note, its sad that Alex Oriakhi has been far from delightful thus far

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No doubt aboit it. Uconn has one of the most talented backcourts in the nation this year. They are dangerous in terms of attacking and probably in the top five when it comes to backcourts. There are other teams that stand out as being more dangerous. For starters we have Duke. There backcourt trio of Rivers, Curry, and Dawkins are lights out shooters. Defenses have to be on them all times because anyone of them can hurt you. Then you have Florida-their guards of Boyton, Beal, Walker, and Rosario are dynamic with the ball. They all can slash, shoot, penetrate, and step up on the defensive end. Then you have Kentucky with Teague and Lamb. But of course Uconn better worry about their rival Syracuse. They are loaded in the backcourt with Jardine, Triche, Waiters, and Carter-Williams. Its tought to pick the best backcourt, but if I had to pick one then I would pick Duke.

Rivers is fearless and dangerous from the outside. I know he can be careless with the ball and he sometimes dribbles too much, but I think he will get even better with more experience. Curry and Dawkins are probable the two of the best shooters in college basketball this year.

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