Tyronn Lue

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Tyronn Lue

This is a strange situation. I am in no way calling BS on his reasons for stepping aside. It honestly sounds like a combination of anxiety and heartburn. I can't help but notice this came less than a week after he was chastised by LeBron on the bench. I feel bad for Lue. It really sounds like he has had a difficult time coaching this team.

Am I out of line for even speculating? Does anyone have further insight?

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He's left two games this

He's left two games this season because of illness, first one in December. I think his illness could be worst then what is being advertised but they're covering it up...Him and Bron have gotten into in previous seasons so I don't think that's the issue.

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This is to save face all

This is to save face all around. Allowing him to "step away with medical issues" sounds way better than "LeBron ran another coach out of town." Can pretty much guarantee he doesn't come back.

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Give LeBron a player/coach

Give LeBron a player/coach role. That way, there's no one to sack but himself...

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