trade idea

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trade idea

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Monumentally awful trade

Please do not waste your time. Dwight Howard is not going to the Bulls with Hedo Turkoglu, and I doubt their is a chance in hell of Orlando taking on Boozer's contract either. The Magic would be perished to pergatory for years with this trade. Stick to your day job of sort of being famous for doing cool dribbling tricks, hotsauce.

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I'm sorry, but that might be the worst constructed potential trade I have ever seen in my life. No way Howard goes to the Bulls, especially for that package.

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I reckon there would only be

I reckon there would only be one player that the Magic would trade Dwight Howard for on the Chicago roster and I doubt that Chicago would trade the MVP.

People need to remember that trades are very rarely involving two superstar players as teams want stars together and receiving teams often want picks/expiring contracts or young pieces.

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