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Trade Alert

Seems like it has a good chance to happen, both teams have mutual interest in it:

Eric Bledsoe for Paul Milsap

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Clippers love giving their

Clippers love giving their former guards to the Jazz.

Mo Williams now Bledsoe (you could count Foye but he wasn't traded there)

On another note I like the trade for both and it would be fun to see these two match-up in the playoffs if it goes down.

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Am I the only one?

I don't like this deal for the Clips. Trading for a PF who is gonna be a FA this summer just doesn't move the needle for me. They need a young wing or a young big to bring along behind D Jordan. If they want a back up for Blake I'm sure they can find one cheaper than Milsap

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All In

The Clippers are going all in for this season. With the Grizzlies not as tough as the once were, and the Lakers struggling mitally, the Los Angeles Clippers feel that now is as good a time as any to go in for the kill and try to win an NBA championship.

Paul Millsap brings a post presence, scrappy defense, and solid veteran leadership to go along with Chris Paul and this young Clippers squad. One of the biggest attractions that the Clippers are in favor of is his free throw shooting at the end of close games, that way they don't have to keep DeAndre Jordan in there as an offensive liability, just to try and play solid post defense.

I think this move will be good for the Clippers just as much as the Jazz because it will bolster their chances of winning a title this year.

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Yes lets trade our young and

Yes lets trade our young and athletic PG without first signing up CP3 long term and for a PF who will leave this free agency because we can't pay him big bucks. Makes perfect sense.

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milsap can help clipper win

milsap can help clipper win championship

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I don't see why the Clippers

I don't see why the Clippers do this. Utah would obviously be thrilled with this deal, getting a young hyper athletic pg for a talented but expiring contract in Millsap....But if the Clippers make this trade, they automatically make the concession that they are going to get torched by smaller, super athletic guards in the playoffs. Chris Paul is without argument the best point guard in the League, but having him chase Westbrook around the court, of chasing Kevin Martin around screens, is less than ideal....Barnes can guard most wings, but Bledsoe is their most destructive perimeter defender by a long shot, and his absence in the playoffs could be incredibly damaging. I say the Clips make a run with their current core, and then deal Bledsoe at the Draft or during the summer.

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^^ Not sure how "damaging"

^^ Not sure how "damaging" his absence would be considering he will be getting about 15 minutes a game with Billups is back.

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I have a question for u Jazz

I have a question for u Jazz fans on this board and please be honest. Put yourself in the Clippers shoes would u trade a super explosive 23 yr old PG who's locked up for one more season not knowing whether your starting PG will resign in the offseason for a talented but still only 6'8" PF who's in the last yr of his contract? The honest answer is no u wouldn't Bledsoe is worth a lot more to the Clips than Millsap would, they already have Blake, Odom, Turiaf, Thompkins at the 4 the last thing they need is another PF. The Clips aren't trading Bledsoe this season,in the offseason most definitely seeing how the Hornets have a hard on for Bledsoe I wouldn't be surprise if a trade of Bledsoe and Clips first round pick for the Hornets '13 lotto pick that currently stands at 7. The Clips could use that lotto pick on a young center like Adams or Len maybe even a swing man.

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