Top Free Agent Predictions

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Top Free Agent Predictions

Throwing together a list of where I think everyone is going to end up.

LeBron James - Cleveland, I think he opts back in for a year and gives it one more try, Houston and Philly arent going anywhere so that can be an option for next year if hes still concerned with winning and LA may be the trend lifestyle choice with max cap space but well I'll get to that...

Kevin Durant - Warriors, No brainer.

Chris Paul - Rockets, its his best chance for a championship even with just the same core as last year.

Paul George - Lakers, I keep telling myself he'll give it another shot with Westbrook an opt in for another year but I think he goes home and takes his chances in LA to see how FA shakes out with other players.

DeMarcus Cousins - Pels, they seem to want him back and he seems to enjoy playing with Davis and a winning team for the first time in his career, can't see a dude with his passion trash that.

Aaron Gordon- Orlando, theyll match whatever they need him.

Julius Randle - Mavericks, LA lets him walk to save cap space and regrets it when they only get George and they dont match his offer sheet in time.

DeAndre Jordan - Clips, opt in hopefully he'll realize he wont get the money on the open market with all the bad team cap situations.

Isaiah Thomas - Knicks, One year prove it deal. His rep took a big hit and with not much money.


Kanter- NYK opt in, Nurkic- POR re-sign, Dwight-

Favors- ,Thaddeus Young- UTA

Jabari Parker- MIL,

Tyreke Evans- IND, Lavine- CHI, Avery Bradley- DAL, JJ Redick- PHI

Elfrid Peyton- PHX

Final thoughts: I don't think Kawhi's going anywhere this year, Spurs ain't dumb, Lakers assests ain't sh**, they reconciled with Aldridge so why not him and I wouldn't be surprised if the whole thing isn't being overblown in the first place due to media members loving to tear down long running successful organizations/the endless LA free agency bias that happens every year yet leads to nothing this decade.

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