Tony Snell

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Tony Snell

Does anyone know how he played tonight?

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He had a solid floor game.

He had a solid floor game. He's still adjusting to the NBA 3 pt line and the speed of close outs. Sometimes his shot set up can be a bit slow. Great form though, but they're not falling.

Made a couple a good drives to the hoop, including a couple of and1's, showing his ranginess. He doesn't look like the quickest guy but he's got rangy strides and has a nice ball fake. Hit a pull up floater which was nice to see. Until he gets his weight up, I think he'll have some trouble absorbing contact so that pull up game will be key. Showed some flashes of being able to handle in ball screen situations. He also looked very comfortable handling in the open court. 0 TOs in 38 minutes as well. He's not that dynamic with the ball, but he's low maintenance. Looks like he makes sound decisions and made some timely passes which led to 4 assists. Seems like a well-schooled kid.

Defensively he was good. Solid awareness, lateral quickness and great length. Reminds me of Thabo a bit because of his condor-like wingspan and smoothness. He'll fit like a glove in Chicago on that end.

His game kinda tapered off as the Bulls were playing short-handed with Malcolm Thomas out and Erik Murphy leaving the game with a broken nose. He played the 4 in the second half and T-Rob beat him up so he was quiet then.

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@Siggy, like usual, nailed it. Announcer Steve Smith was raving about Snell most of the game. It was interesting and I had never before thought of him playing the 4. Robinson did work him and ended up with 18 boards on the night, but not all of those came against Snell. You obviously don't want him playing big minutes but with that length and later in his career when he adds some much needed strength, he will be quite versatile. I also, don't like his shot as much as most but he has some good fluidity and base and think coaches will tweak some areas of it. I also thought he could have been way more aggressive at taking it to the hoop. @Siggy said "not dynamic with the ball, but low maintenance." Similar to Jimmy Butler. Like Butler, he doesn't force things but I wish he would attack more. Thought there have been several open paths that he's turned down over the SL. After just the 3 games I am excited about his potential. The Bulls finally have several wing players in Deng, Butler, and now, hopefully Snell, who have some size and skills. That will be a nice rotation for years to come. Three more than capable players you can throw at LeBron, and other top wings in the league (KD, George, Melo, etc.). I think Snell has a very low floor and will be extremely solid with a chance to be more than that.

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