Tim Duncan never gets talked about!

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Tim Duncan never gets talked about!

Man Tim Duncan has been great this season. Seems like every year he gets doubted and people say he's washed up and he quietly proves people wrong. That bank shot has been deadly this year and it seems just all around he's been rejuvenated. You hear some analysts bring up his name about being he beat ever and Shaq has been a big supporter of Duncan saying he's the best big he's ever played against. He's been a model NBA player as he is never in the press for bad reasons and he isn't much of a flashy player so I'm guessing that's why he gets no pub. In my opinion he's the best PF to EVER play this game and a 1st ballot HOF. Will he get another ring before he retires???

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I honestly don't see him

I honestly don't see him getting another ring, making it to the NBA Finals is very achievable however I don't think they can beat Miami.

Is having a great season and just going about his work, you know you're good when you put up numbers like his and people kinda shrug and act like this is what he is suppose to do. Last season he was talked about more due to his "struggles"

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As a Mavs fans Tim Duncan

As a Mavs fans Tim Duncan easily tops the list of players I hate in the NBA.I definitely have crazy respect for this man and would have done anything to have him and Dirk play along side each other( on the mavs of course) during the 2000s to create the most unstoppable duo ever

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The difference in coverage

The difference in coverage between Kobe and Timmy is absurd. Tim Duncan always makes the players around him better. Always. He's arguably the best defensive big since Russell, and has a complete offensive game. And he wins. A lot.

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How can anyone hatwe on Timmy?

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As a Wolves fan I used to

As a Wolves fan I used to hate Duncan, but loved watching him and KG go at it back in the day. I got a ton of respect for him though and over the years have actually really come to like him. The level that he's playing at is ridiculous for his age. Duncan's style of play is a lost art in the NBA today. You just don't see post players with the type of skills that Duncan has. All that being said I don't think he's getting another ring. This team isn't built to make a deep playoff run when they're healthy let alone when they're dealing with injuries. I'm not saying it couldn't happen, but it'll be tough. It would be a great story though.

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