Sullinger's Atheltic Tests

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Sullinger's Atheltic Tests

Did Sullinger hurt his draft status with the very poor athletic test scores he put up? Yes, no one expected him to be a stud here. But a lot of folks talk about how productive Love is as a bruising PF who plays smart but below the rim. The problem is that Love put up things like a 35 inch jump. Sullinger only jumped 31 inches and he put up the slowest running times. What if the comparison starts becoming "He's like a less athletic Kevin Love"?

Could he possibly drop out of the top 10? I would hope not. I certainly can't name even 6 guys who I would take over him.

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Kevin Love is so much more

Kevin Love is so much more skilled than Jared Sullinger, you can't even compare the two.

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like you said no one expected

like you said no one expected him to excell in the athletic tests in my opinion he helped himself and his stocked raised when he measured at 6"9 they say rebounding from college transitions to the nba and i believe it will be the same with sullinger even without the athletism like some of the other prospects have the thing that seperates him from alot of the other prospects is he has a great basketball iq and is one of those players that is always in the right spot which is similar to a kevin love

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Hmm...Possibly. Sullinger was

Hmm...Possibly. Sullinger was never known for being that athletic, he uses his great touch at the rim and his other physical gifts (stout frame, low center of gravity, larger-than-normal bum), to back his opponents down and prevent them from getting good post position.

It could negatively affect his draft stock though, as scouts drool over undeveloped athletic freaks like Drummond. I'd bet if his draft stock did fall, a late lottery team would be getting a heck of a bargain.

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Jared Sullinger will be

Jared Sullinger will be nothing more than a Glen Davis in the NBA

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I don't think he's really

I don't think he's really expected to go in the top 10...

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After horrible showings in

After horrible showings in GSW by both Jones', I could see him going 7. We don't need any athletic measurements from Sullinger to know what you're gonna get from him. I think he's gonna make a good pro.

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His poor agility scares me I

His poor agility scares me I can't see him staying in front of anyone off of switches or when he gets pulled out trying to deal with jumpshooting big men.

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