STAT and Bosh

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STAT and Bosh

i think at least one of these guys will go to Washington

I know that suns want STAT out and i think a good trade would be

STAT and dragic for caron butler, nick young, brendan haywood and both teams swap picks.

Line ups

Suns Wizards

PG - Nash PG - Agent Zero
SG- J-rich SG - Deshawn stevenson
SF- Butler SF- Jamison
PF- Jordan Hill (5th pick) PF - Stoudemire
C- Shaq C- JaVale

trade works i did it on the trade machine

do u think both teams would go ahead??

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I don't think Washington would give up the #5, Butler and Young (I believe they are really high on him) for STAT. I don't think this trade improves Washington.

They might do it for Blatche instead of Young, or something. But I think Washington should just use the #5 to lose some of their bad contracts.

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Chris Bosh

What does Bosh have to do with this again?

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Nick Young

They won't get rid of Nick Young... I can really see him being an all-star within the next 2 or 3 years. He improved after his rookie year. He averaged 11 pts in 22 minutes this season and has a ton of potential. He is very athletic and his offensive game is extremely smooth.

Here is him dunking on Lebron:

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I think that Bosh will be

I think that Bosh will be traded and Stats will be too.

Dudley and Stoudemire will go to Washington for Jamison, Nick Young and 5th pick

Bosh will go to Chicago for Miller, 16th and 26th pick.


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