Spurs drop OKC: 105-93

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Spurs drop OKC: 105-93

The NBATV folks are looking mighty disappointed, they missed an opportunity to gush at KD.

On the other hand, Kawhi got this nice slam.

Any thoughts about the game?

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The Spurs are a deadly team. They can run with the best of them. They're definitely a dark horse this coming playoffs and you CAN'T sleep on them.

Just watching them, their game is so sound and it's like everyone knows their part. Timmy D is 36 years old but he is still making noise and they have good role players.

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When you have nearly the best

When you have nearly the best record in the league (and hand it for a while), kind of tough to call them a dark horse.
The playoff are hard and the Spurs are better built for the regular season these days than the playoffs. But no one should be surprised if they make the finals. They were good all last season and they have been good this season. But over seven games, anything can happen.

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Kawhi the Durant

Kawhi the Durant Stopper?????????

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And this is with Timmy taking

And this is with Timmy taking it easy? He'll definitely turn it up in the playoffs, Manu has been great of late , Splitter has grown leaps and bounds this season, Kawahi Leonard and Danny Green are improving every minute, and they still have Stephen "Nasty" Jackson who I believe can still drop 20 on any given night and lock up the other team's best player and get in their head. I haven't even mentioned Boris "I've lost weight!" Diaw, who will be even more valuable come playoff time(I still can't believe there was a time when he was a wallking triple double). The Spurs are legit, and if Kawahi Leonard can get even better in the next month, they'll be even better, which is a scary thought. He's averaging 15 and 6 with 1.3 steals and 1 block per game over his last 10 games and is shooting 50% from the field. If he can keep this up, and Tony Parker comes back and gets back to full speed quickly, than sky is the limit for this team, but the only thing that I'm hesitant about is that there is a possibility that Lebron goes into one of those modes where he's averaging 33, 10 and 10 on 65% shooting, it's coming one of these years, and it could very well be this one. If that's the case than it's over.

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The Thunder miss Harden the

The Thunder miss Harden the most when they play the Spurs. It was sad witnessing how concentrated OKC's offense was with KD and Westbrook. And a lot of those points came on jumpers. Martin's contribution was 3-8 on mainly jumpers as well.

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Not to mention how bad they

Not to mention how bad they will miss Harden in the playoffs. It becomes a much more one on one game, and on top of that, he really helped there ball movement which is currently abysmal. Still think these 2 are meeting in the WCF, but Memphis is starting to grow on me.

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People, especially on this

People, especially on this site, have selective memory. They remembered clearly how bad Harden played vs the Heat in his first Finals appearance, but forgot how he repeatedly busted the Spurs' ass in the WCF's.

IF not for Harden, they don't get through the Spurs.

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