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is this the time for the spurs to revamped there roster??

they were No.1 in the season, yet they were eliminated in the first round by an inexperienced grizzlies?, Eventhough the Big 3 played together for many years, is it time for them to part ways? as we all know they are not getting younger

Dejuan blair?. should they keep him?, he's too short to be a center to them, and his range is limited inside the perimeter, his hieght is for Small Forward position,

George Hill?. is hill there future? i think not, he could be a solid role player, or sixth man, but i doubt he will be a good starter

Tiago Splitter?, i dunno if its to early to say this, but is money worth it for him? i think he gets 4m per year?

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Ya they should try to move

Ya they should try to move Duncan OR Parker OR Ginobli or two of those three. Duncan will be hard to move though so the Spurs might have to live with him till the end of his career

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Time for the spurs to start

Time for the spurs to start over and get some younger players in there. there obviously too old. Tim Duncan is past his prime. Ginobili cant stay healthy. They need to drat trade or sign some new franchise talent Keep Dejuan blair , hill, neal , and splitter they can be good role players for the future. Everybody else can gooooo !!!

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