should we keep nocioni?

nocioni played well last year and was a better outside shooter than garcia. I know garcia is a fan favorite but nocioni will still beat him out in the 3 position. Do you think we should trade or keep him? He did say that he wanted to be traded because the competitiveness of the team was less than par. He just wants to complete and win.

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i like him because he brings aggressiveness to the kings, something we sorely lacked without him after trading artest.

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i agree

i liked cisco is more of a bench role and spot start kinda guy. nocioni should start at the 3. hopefully we can get a pg and add depth up front in the draft. with the right pg, we have the chance to be really good in 2 years or so. our 205 guys are young and solid guys!

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The Phoenix Suns have been

The Phoenix Suns have been one of the league’s most successful franchises over the past decade led by two-time Most Valuable Player and All-Star guard Steve Nash, but will head into training for this season without the veteran floor general calling the shots.

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