Short Jokes

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Short Jokes

"One day a blonde was having trouble with her computer, so she calls tech support.

"Hello how can I help you?" the tech support woman says.

"Yes, I am having trouble getting my computer to do anything," the blonde says.

"Do you have any windows open?"

"Are you crazy? it's freezing cold outside!""

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SHORT jokes?

mikeyV lost

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I was sure Givony would have warrented a mention by now...

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“You know, I’ve established a

“You know, I’ve established a pretty good relationship with Dirk and I feel like I’m comfortable playing with him,” said Kaman. “That was one of the things that helped bring me here to Dallas. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to play with one of the greatest players in the NBA, as well as one of the best European players. I’m in a pretty comfortable position here.

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Question: What is the

Question: What is the difference between your mom and a washing machine?

Answer: After I dump a load in the washing machine it doesnt follow me around for 3 weeks.

An incest joke:

A Kentucky teenage girl asks her dad, "Daddy an I borrow the pickup truck?" He says, "Only if you suck ma p.enus." She first refuses but after realizing she will not get the truck without doing this she obliges. Soon he says, "Daddy yer d.ick tastes like sheeit." He says, "Yeah yer brother needed the truck this mornin'."

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HOOPSWORLD will shortly

HOOPSWORLD will shortly follow up with obligations through 2017. Additionally, restrictions will be added to the 2013 list to indicate which teams cannot move their firsts without adding on another first in either 2013 or 2014 to avoid the Stepien Rule of trading future consecutive first-round picks.

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People receive motivate from your people who have already realized this achievement. Short quotes supply us meaning assist and things seem probable. So listening to this motivational estimates and stories of successful individuals motivate us for the progress. So by simply pursuing their own course supply us reason to check out our own ambitions

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A joke is a method of getting

A joke is a method of getting people to chuckle. It is a great starter for a language or in a social meeting to break the frost. Laughter is the best drug and very often effective someone who is ill a funny joke gets them smiling and for a miniature or two they not remember about their sickness. Facebook Jokes is very best way for laugh and spent time. Click this link and gets facebook jokes statuses.

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Recognising the restrictions

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