Shelvin Mack vs. Jordan Taylor

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Shelvin Mack vs. Jordan Taylor

So we have a match up against Wisconsin and Butler and they have 2 underrated (IMO) point guards who aren't the greatest pro prospects but are really good college players. Both can shoot, are stocky-ish, likely be considered a second round pick whenever they go pro, and gritty--some questions though..

Who do you see winning the matchup?

Who wins the game?

Which one will be the better pro?


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I say Taylor,he reminds me of Fisher.Mack is too Inconsistent


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i love shelvin mack, plays

i love shelvin mack, plays hard and plays his best when he is in the spotlight...i think mack has a real chance of being a serious contributor on an NBA team

and BTW leuer vs. howard down low is an underrated matchup

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