Shawn Marion

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Shawn Marion

I was just looking over some stats of Shawn Marion and I have to say, I forgot how great this guy used to be! I think he's put together a very underrated career. He's never averaged under double digit scoring, has maintained a great shooting percentage throughout his career, and he's also stuffed the stat sheet with insane rebounding numbers for a 6'7" small forward. All this goes along with the amazing defense he's played all his career both on the ball and off the ball (career averages of 1.1 bpg and 1.6 spg) to show how versatile Marion truly is.

He's still going strong with solid play, and I think he's been really under appreciated. How do you guys think he'll be remembered once his career is over? And who could forget that picture perfect jump shot of his..

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I think he will be rememberd

I think he will be rememberd as a Krypt with Jason Terry and Josh Smith...kkkkrryyypppptttt

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4 time All-Star, NBA

4 time All-Star, NBA Champion. Could hit 10,000 career rebounds with two more healthy season. He's actually ranked 24th all time in career steals ( with the potential to climb 3 spots this season ).

I think he's actually one of those borderline, outside looking in, HOF guys.

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I'm hoping he is remembered

I'm hoping he is remembered how he should be. One of the ultimate glue guys of all time. Those great Suns teams in the mid 2000s wouldn't have been nearly as great without Shawn Marion's versatility.

2005-06 stats: 21.8 ppg, 11.8 rpg, 2.0 spg, 1.7 bpg, 52.5 FG%, 80.9 FT%

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His jumper is textbook. I

His jumper is textbook.

I mean, maybe not a textbook about basketball per se, but it's definitely English textbook. That thing is Montague.

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I don't know if he's a hall

I don't know if he's a hall of famer...but he has had a heck of a career

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Was phenomenal in 2011 finals

Was phenomenal in 2011 finals vs Miami, really elevated his efficiency level for that series and they don't come close to winning that ring without him. he was on his way down career wise at that point, but I really think people forget how well he played in that series.

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He played power forward at

He played power forward at 6'7 during the Steve Nash era in Phoenix. Boris Diaw and him would run a 5-4 pick and roll with Marion being the roll man. It was very effective and a sight to see. Being from Phoenix I'll always be a big fan of the Matrix and was happy to see him get a ring even if it was with Dallas.

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This guy is the most underrated player of the last decade. He is insanely good, and has been consistent. His defense is still great, he rebounds well, and, despite how horrible it looks, his jumper is decent. He should be a HOF-er.

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I don't know about HOF, but

I don't know about HOF, but one thing is sure, I'd want Marion on my team

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I think the way he drove

I think the way he drove himself out of a lot of teams kind of tainted a lot peoples views on him. Until he came to Dallas he never really seemed happy anywhere, even at Phoenix, I remember constant reports that he would always kill morale. Im glad he found a place in Dallas that he liked, and personally out side of Dirk, I feel he was the most important player on our playoff run, especially with his defence on LeBron. Chandler did great yeah, but Marion was the one taking on the greatest player in the game on every possession down the floor

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I hate to be the bearer of

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but he did play on a stat-stuffing Phoenix Suns team. I mean, here's a team that's primary goal was to shoot as many shots as they possibly could, there were a lot of rebounds to go around as well as a lot of points.

I'm not taking anything away from Marion on the defensive side of the ball because he guarded the 1-4 and sometimes the 5 but let's not get carried away when looking at his 18-10 he averaged in his Phoenix years.

He wasn't very efficient, the guy shot 15 shots to land his 18 points, and that was playing with Steve Nash. And as you guys may know, his efficiency went even lower when he played without Nash.

Point is, he played on a stat-stuffing team where there were plenty of easy shots to go around. If he were put on a team like the Spurs throughout that decade, I don't see him averaging more than 13-8 while taking 11 shots a game. (Still good but not a borderline HOF player like you guys are mentioning)

Sure, he was a great player but at the end of the day, he was playing on a team that's sole purpose was to stuff the stat sheet, he was inefficient, and never improved his jumper from deep.

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You do realize he was a 21

You do realize he was a 21 ppg scorer before D'Antoni got there and Pheonix was dropping a whopping 95 ppg?

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Marion also should get some

Marion also should get some props for remaining a great role player while losing a bit of his athleticism. Can't quite say the same about someone like Gerald Wallace, who also happens to be four years younger than him.

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I am a Mavs fan ,so How I am

I am a Mavs fan ,so How I am gonna remember him?
One of the most important players in our only Championship team ,that team was well built and after Dirk you can make a case for 4 other players being second best player(TC ,Kidd,Jet &Marion)
He was one of my favorite ,played best perimeter defense in the whole team ,not only against Miami but against OKC too
His post plays and back to the basket ability is really underrated offensively ,but with a team that was full of shooter it was important to have a player like him in the system
He has given us everything in the past 4 years while he was in the wrong side of the 30's ,hope to see him making a final play-off run in his final year with the Mavs

PS: Not sure I am the only one who think that ,but he really looks like to have the longest arms I've ever seen

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