Realistically Where will trey burke land?

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Realistically Where will trey burke land?

i know that the current mock has him going to New orleans. but there are many teams in the lottery have great pg's already and glaring holes at other spots. i think he's gonna drop a little bit based on this. it really makes me think that if the lottery happens where the top 3 picks aren't changed, that Burke's realistic spots to land are phoenix, Sacramento, or Detroit. if Detroit doesn't pick him, the next few teams, minny, OKC , Philly , and Portland would pass on him, leaving him for the mavs or jazz which neither team would pass on him. any thoughts on who might draft him?

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In my opinion the Magic will

In my opinion the Magic will probably reach and pick him, only because Smart stayed in college.

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After it became apparent that

After it became apparent that the Magic were definitely a winner in the Dwight Howard trade, I gained new confidence in Rob Hennigan's player evaluating abilities. Also adding to Hennigan's savvy is the deal that added Tobias Harris in exchange for JJ Reddick. At this point I feel like whoever the Magic get will likely be one of the best rookies in this draft.

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I dont think going as high as

I dont think going as high as #2 is out of the question. Orlando, Detroit and Sacramento could all use a true point guard really bad. Personally, i think he would bring some much needed stability and intangibles to the Kings. as everyone knows, they have a roster full of me-first chuckers without true positions. Its a backcourt full of guys with holes in their game who are better off as bench igniters. I also think playing with a heady, pass first PG would really pay dividends for Demarcus Cousins. He's never had a true playmaker getting him shots.

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I think at some point a team

I think at some point a team will draft him only to use him in a trade. How could would Utah be in a couple of years with Burke running the show there?

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i agree, i hope he falls to

i agree, i hope he falls to somebody like the jazz or mavs, both teams could definately use him and he'd be a great fit in both.. i just hope he doesnt have to go to sacramento.

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What's your problem with Sacramento, bro?

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I would not be surprised if the Jazz to traded their picks at some point. They have plenty of options. They could trade up and pick Burke. They could potentially swap some picks with OKC if they wanted and grab MCW or McCollum if they felt they wouldn't fall to 14. They can always trade down come draft day if they aren't sold on a player at their spot. Or they could stay put, but they do have lots of options to consider. A lot will depend on how the PG workouts go for the Jazz.

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Sacramento is gonna need a

Sacramento is gonna need a prayer if they wanna be relevant again. Peotrie def. screwed up the team.

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Magic for sure. They have

Magic for sure. They have seemingly put a premium on hard working, "character" guys from what i've heard via interviews with Jaque and the GM. If that's totally true, i'm not sure but Tey certainly would fit the bill

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after being a retard....

after being a retard.... which is ironic because i consider myself to be a smart poster... im now fully convinced burke is a lottery pick... yeah im late... very late... still not sure where he goes... depends on how the teams line up in the lottery...

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He will only go to Detroit if

He will only go to Detroit if they bring Calderon back or a bigger ball handling 1/2. The back court will be too small with Burke Knight and Stuckey. Especially if they gonna keep Knight at the 2 full time.

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The bigger question would be

The bigger question would be where he doesn't go. Cavaliers, Wizards, Thunder and the T'wolves are teams that probably won't be looking at Burke as that position is locked with a stud. As for teams that would be 50-50 could be the Bobcats (if they slip) pairing Walker and Burke together would be a very small backcourt but I wouldn't put it past the Bobcats to do such a thing. The Suns could move Marshall and have Burke as Dragic's understudy. The Hornets may let Vasquez walk and replace him with Burke as a cheaper and younger solution.

Here are the teams that will be looking at Burke long and hard in the top ten:
Orlando (2)
Sacramento (6)
Detroit (8)

Here are the teams that could make a move for him but would have to make some roster changes:
Bobcats (1)
Phoenix (4)
New Orleans (5)

Finally the teams that won't be looking for another Point Guard:
Cleveland (3)
Washington (7)
Minnesota (9)
Oklahoma City (10)

I'd love to see Orlando pick him up or even Utah trading up for him but I'd also like to see Burke going to the Hornets. He showed at Michigan that in pick and roll situations he can be very dangerous, also Burke wouldn't have to onto the ball as much as Vasquez does and it'll allow Davis to get more touches, more points and more opportunities to handle the ball in addition to putting the ball on the floor, Burke would bring flexibility to that position. Burke is a high character guy, scouts have raved all season long about Smart's leadership qualities but Burke is a leader and a winner in his own right who won't be imtimidated by comparisons to Chris Paul if he does lands there. Linking up with Davis (another high character guy) could prove to be a very exciting duo for the renamed franchise going forward.

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Doesn't Vasquez have another year left on his contract? At only 2 million I believe. He finished third in the league in assists and is due 2 million dollars this upcoming season. I'm pretty sure this is right so I just don't understand all the talk of Burke going there. I may be wrong about the contract but I'm confident that I'm right.

I just feel Orlando or Utah is the best place for Burke.

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This is true, but Pelicans

This is true, but Pelicans fans hate hate hate Vasquez as a starter moving forward and would prefer to trade him this offseason or eventually have him come off the bench by upgrading the position. (check out their opinions at

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Glad I'm not the only one who

Glad I'm not the only one who thinks Burke going to the Magic is a legit possibility. Beno Udrih is a free agent and Jameer Nelson isn't getting any younger. With Smart returning, Burke is the best PG in the draft. If he doesn't go to Orlando, I can't see him slipping past Detroit.

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There's a good chance Orlando

There's a good chance Orlando doesn't get the 1st overall pick, lowest they can go is 4th. Any pick from 2-4, I don't think they hesitate to pick Burke. At one there might be some trepidation, but I still wouldn't be surprised to see them reach and take him. He is just too good of a fit for what they are trying to do with their franchise. I think more and more, we're seeing that while size matters for a PG, players that possess the attributes that Burke brings to the table have a great chance of succeeding in the league. Kid's a straight winner.

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My Burke "checkpoints"2.

My Burke "checkpoints"

2. Orlando. It is a reach to take him this high with one of Mclemore or Noel still on the board.

6. Sacramento. With Reke, Thomas, and Fredette all capable at PG its possible, but unlikely they go with Burke.

8. Detroit. Burke throwing lobs to Drummond seems like a can't lose scenario. With Knight looking like a SG and Calderon being old and defenseless, hard to imagine him slipping past 8.

13. Dallas. The absolute basement for Burke. If he is on the board Cuban will kick Collison to the curb and snarf up Burke in a heartbeat.

Wildcard: Utah has the assets to trade up for Burke if he falls to a certain point (likely 7).

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