Raptors players love Justin Bieber(off topic)

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Raptors players love Justin Bieber(off topic)

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Bieber not getting any love from Raps
Published On Thu Dec 29 2011

Justin Bieber courtside at the Raptors home opener on Wednesday.

Justin Bieber courtside at the Raptors home opener on Wednesday.


By Cathal Kelly Columnist


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Likely for reasons of verticality, Raptors 7-foot-tall forward Andrea Bargnani did not see Justin Bieber sitting courtside at the ACC at Wednesday’s home opener.

“I’m upset because I didn’t notice him,” the Italian said, not sounding very upset.

Why, are you a fan of his music?

“Hunh?!” Bargnani said, drawing back like someone had just tried to hand him a live rat.

Are you a fan of his music?

“(Looking aghast) I don’t listen to his music, but he’s a great artist.”

Someone told us that (Raptors guard) DeMar DeRozan is a fan.

“I don’t listen to the music,” Bargnani repeated more forcefully, just in case that wasn’t clear the first time.

Someone hustled DeRozan over to mics to address this pressing issue. Don’t blame us. DeRozan started this rumour himself. Plus, we didn’t want Leafs’ Belieber Jake Gardiner to feel so alone.

So we hear you’re an admirer of the musical stylings of Stratford, Ontario’s second-greatest cultural export?

“He’s my favourite singer,” DeRozan said, with a lingering look so deadpan someone on the medical staff went rushing over for the heart paddles.

Sing ‘Baby’ for us?

“I don’t know the words to that song,” DeRozan said.

Oh, Jake. You’re still alone. Sort of. Forward James Johnson did the shy fan thing, asking for a picture with the great man-child. It wasn’t for him.

“I wanted to get that picture for my niece. Just to show her I’m big time,” Johnson said.

Favourite song?

“I don’t have a favourite song. But my niece jams to him all the time, and he’s very talented.”

Plainly, Bieber shares one thing with another much-gossiped-about, floppy-haired Canadian artist - Glenn Gould.

Everybody thinks they’re great in theory, though none of those same people has actually bothered to listen to their music.



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