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So nobody wants to talk about the Raptors dismantling the Warriors in Golden State, second night of a back to back, without Kawhi? Real statement game by Toronto who played active D all game and punished Curry on defense with guys posting him up all game. Was a great game to watch as a Raptor's fan!

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Nice win but Im not sold yet.

Nice win but Im not sold yet. Im heavily invested and think they can make it happen but Toronto's gotta improve alot if they wanna make it work in the playoffs.

Hate to say this because I love my Raptors to the point where I would like to be submerged in delusion and believe this team is byfar the favourites (like I usually get) however, this win means nothing. Toronto has been very focused since Lowry's latest shooting slump, they came out the gates on fire, GSW didnt shoot the ball well and never fought back when they got behind. Just one of those nights.

Raptors biggest issues will present themselves in the Playoffs, thats 100% certain. Rebounding, Valanciunas and Ibaka missing easy shots in crunchtime and Kyle Lowry's shooting slumps. How they perform when these issues pop up in the Playoffs will decide their fate.The Warriors are in a funk right now and they dont pressure defensively or execute at 100% effeciency during the regular season this is a known fact.

Milwaukee is a big problem. That team has been built on everything Toronto struggles at. They are the best rebounding team and take the most threes. They also have tons of length and athletisism to pressure our ballhandlers and take away any comfort longterm. They make you work. Toronto does not box out at all aside from Valanciunas, Ibaka and Leonard so when theres a long rebound from a 3 point shot up for grabs they struggle closing out defensive possessions. These things are bound to make Lowry uncomfortable. This is why the Bucks keep beating them and have a good chance against them in the Playoffs.

I dont know maybe Im just a sceptic but I dont think bringing in Leonard is only making Lowry and the Raptors adopt his mentality, I think its a bit of both. He's also adopting a bit of Lowry and Toronto's bad habits as well.

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Brook Lopez turning into

Brook Lopez turning into Mehmet Okur is a plot turn that nobody would have predicted.

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This is the best time since

This is the best time since the Vince carter era to be a raptors fan. Their legitimate favorite to make the NBA Finals. If your a raptors fan and and not thankful this team... well you suck.

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Raptors have a bevy of

Raptors have a bevy of interchangable defenders. Ibaka, Siakam, Anunoby and Leonard can all guard 3 positions. They're all long. They're all really athletic. They can all shoot. This team's frontcourt is stacked.

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