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Province75Coal fitflop sling

Province75Coal base is located in the northern Shanxi Province of Shanxi Province area. The region's major production power coal, and it has the potential to be very large scale of coal production base.5fitflop xosa . Jinzhong in Shanxi Province52Jinzhong coal base located at Shanxi Province in the Midwest, in the Yellow River hedong coalfield edom, LvLiangShan west, the region has been recognized for a large-scale mining area.6. JinDong in Shanxi Province77JinDong coal base located at Shanxi Province in the southeast. This area has the potential to become the quality anthracite coal and power of large base.7. West of shandong province23Located in the west of shandong province, including the juye coal field 6 Gt recoverable reserves, has the strong development advantage.8.fitflop freeway Liang huai's30Liang huai's coal bases across multiple province, is located in the north of anhui province and henan edom.9. Existed in hebei province16Located in hebei province, the conditions of transport is good. Existed in the rest of the coal about 90% of recoverable reserves in WeiXian.10. The western20Located in the central part of henanfitflop dass province and the beijing-guangzhou railway (Beijing-guangzhou) west, rich reserves of coal, coal/transportation conditions are good.11. Southwest46Southwest coal base belong to the province coalfield, is located

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