Point guard debate

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Point guard debate

Im hearing a lot of talk about CP3 not being a top ten player, guys like john wall or even kyrie are better than him. I got only Lebron, Kawhi, Westbrook, Steph, KD, harden in front of him in that order. I just want to put the John Wall-CP3 debate to rest, bare with me.


CP3 - 61 gms, 31.5 mpg, 18.1 ppg on .476FG%, .411 3pt% on 5 atts, 9.2 asts, 2.4 tov, 5 rebs.

Per 36- 61 gms, 20.7 ppg on .476FG%, .411 3pt% on 5.7 atts, 10.6 asts, 2.8 tov, 5.7 rebs.

Wall-78 gms, 36.4 mpg, 23.1 ppg on .451 FG%, .327 3pt% on 3.5 arts, 10.7asts, 4.1tov, 4.2 rebs.

Per 36- 78 gms, 22.9 ppg on .451 FG%, .327 3pt% on 3.5atts, 10.5asts, 4.1 tov, 4.1 rebs.

So this is how I evaluate players. This is strictly unbiased and I look at the five tools that that is central to NBA 5v5 basketball. I look at playmaking ability, rebounding, defending, shooting and pure scoring.

Playmaking-Here, give me a CP3. John Wall did average more assists at 10.7 than him this year. But he averaged more turnovers as well at 4.1. Per 36 minutes however CP three averaged 10.6 assist with only 2.8 turnovers while John Wall every 10.5 assist with 4.1 turnovers. So CP3 1-0.

Rebounding-Again CP3 gets the nod. Averaged 5 rebounds to John Wall 4.2 wow playing five with minutes then him(also is 4 inches shorter with a shorter wingspan). CP3 2-0

Defending- CP three was first team all defense again this season so he probably gets the edge here just off that. I don't like to base defensive talent on steals and blocks( both average 2.0 steals, wall beats him by half a block), but more advance metrics and eye test. Wall average .0385 defensive win shares per game while CP threeaveraged .0426 defensive win shares per game. CP three also beats wall in defensive box plus minus(1.1) to (0.2). CP3 up 3-0

Shooting-clear edge To CP three. 41% on five shots per game to Walls 33% on 3.5 shots per game. CP3 4-0

Pure hooping- Toughest match up so far. While Wall averages more points per game he's also less efficient by 2.5%. Per 36 wall averages 23 to CP threes 21 but CP3 is more efficient. I'd say tie but edge to Wall here.CP3 4-1


CP3 (2016-2017)- 11 gms, 35 mpg, 24.7 ppg on .493 FG%, .345 3pt% on 5.3 atts, 8.9 asts, 2.1 tov, 4.6 rebs.

Wall(2016-2017)- 13 gms, 39 mpg, 27.2 ppg on .452 FG%, .344 3pt% on 4.7 atts, 10.3 asts, 4.2 tov, 3.7 rebs.

For playoffs, since they are limited in games, I just take the past two playoff seasons and look at combined numbers( since wall was not in 2016 playoffs, he only gets 2017 season, which works out for similar games played. I'm not going into too much detail with the stats but just to give you them to look at. Cp3 is 5'11-6'0 and averaged 25 on 49% while holding a ridiculous 4.2 ast-tov ratio.lol come on y'all.


Still not convinced? Playing in 17 less games, CP3 beats wall in win shares(10.6-8.8) and vorp (value over replacement player)(5.3-4.3). Win shares tell how many wins you contribute as a player to your team and VORP basically tells you how much better you are than an average bench player( like war in baseball). Also he destroys wall in win shares/48 minutes with an .264 (2nd in league only to Durant) to walls .149. Same story in postseason play.

Does anyone argue this? I would like to hear. Thanks for reading.

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