Parker / Wiggins questions

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Parker / Wiggins questions

Who is going to have a better statistical season next year?

Who is going to have more success as a team next year?

Is there any way Parker is drafted over Wiggins?

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1. Parker's numbers will

1. Parker's numbers will likely be better
2. Duke
3. Sincerely doubt it

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1. I think Wiggins numbers

1. I think Wiggins numbers will be better. He could easily surpass McLemore's numbers and Parker will be on a more veteran team. I think their numbers will be close, but I think Wiggins will probably be more efficient and have more rebounds/steals/blocks, even if he averages fewer PPG.

2. Duke. I think Duke will be a #1 seed in the tournament, while Kansas will be a #2 seed.

3. It is highly unlikely, but could happen if Parker scores over 20 ppg efficiently and Wiggins disappoints/gets hurt.

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1. Scoring edge to Wiggins. Rebs and Ast to Parker.
2. The less talked about factor is how good will Hood be? I think Hood has a chance to have a monster year after spending a whole year at Duke just working on his game. I go Duke.
3. Outside of a SERIOUS injury (knock on wood)... no

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Though I truly believe

Though I truly believe Wiggins will be the #1 pick in the 2014 draft along with everyone else but not saying it's out of the realm of possibilities. Remember when Drummond reclassified and everyone thought it was a battle between Davis and Drummond for the #1 spot that next year? Who in their right mind thought Dion Waiters would be taken 5 picks ahead of Drummond? Will Wiggins go # 1? Yes, most likely, but it's always hard to say a year in advance.

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Better Season: Wiggins will

Better Season: Wiggins will put up better numbers imo. Duke doesn't really have a system that favors an individual player, while I believe Coach Self will really allow Wiggins to shine and give him a lot more freedom. Both will put up really good numbers I think, but Wiggins will average more points and rebounds I believe.

Better Team: I'm super excited to see Kansas play with Selden and Wiggins. Those guys are some serious athletes. Duke will once again be very solid and has a chance to win the ACC this year. I'll say Duke for now, but I think Kansas has a chance to be really realy good this coming season.

Parker at #1: IF, and that's a big IF, Wiggins disappoints next season and Parker leads Duke to the final 4 and wins ACC player of the year or something like that then yea I can see Parker going #1. I think both will be really good in the pros, but I believe in Wiggins a bit more than Parker to be a superstar at the next level.

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I don't see anyway Wiggins

I don't see anyway Wiggins doesn't go first, unless he suffers a major injury. Parker could even average way better stats, but Wiggins ceiling and potential is too much for any team to pass up on.

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well the champions classic

well the champions classic just got interesting Duke plays Kansas on november 12th so that will be a good start to the season and it is great that they will play each other in college.

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I just think its foolish to

I just think its foolish to act like there are any guaranteed number 1 picks. As one poster said, people though Drummond and Rivers would be top 3-5 picks for sure out of HS. The underrated thing is that if Parker delivers, he is going to have a ton of hype because he plays on Duke. If he is awesome, and I mean, AWESOME, I think he could go number 1. Of course Wiggins is the favorite and I think either way you are getting a legit stud.

I think Randle really is going to struggle to prove he is in the conversation to go ahead of those guys because his team is going to be so much more balanced.

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