Overrated Hibbert

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Overrated Hibbert

The more I hear people talk about Roy Hibbert, the more frustrated I get. At the beginning of the season, some people actually thought he was the best center in the league. Many NBA analysts choose him for Defenisve Player of the Year. Here's the truth:
-He can't score, even against much smaller frontcourts such as the Hawks
-He can't (or doesn't try to) rebound, averaging just 6 per game despite starting nearly every game for Indiana
-His defense anywhere outside of the paint is horrendous
-He is a foul machine, averaging nearly 4 per game

His only perk is that he's tall and can block shots. To hold him in higher regard than players like Joakim Noah, DeMarcus Cousins and Al Jefferson is a huge mistake.

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He performed well in the playoffs last year against the Knicks and heat. Against the heat he is a matchup nightmare. So I think all the hype carried over to this year thinking he figurd it out and would play like that the whole season.

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