Number One Seeds

Professor Rozay
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Number One Seeds

Here is a look at my four number one seeds: Louisville(overall), Gonzaga, Indiana, Miami

You can make an argument for Kansas over Miami. But Miami beat the three North Carolina teams won the ACC season title and the tournament title. So for me that is good enough to be a one seed.

Mad Max
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I'd go with KU over Miami.

I'd go with KU over Miami. Kansas beat Temple, Ohio St, Belmont, Colorado, and St. Louis who are all good tourney teams. But Miami has an argument too.

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KU also beat KSU (top 15

KU also beat KSU (top 15 team) 3 times

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I think there are 3 locks

I think there are 3 locks with the zags, Louisville and Indiana obviously. The 4th one will be interesting. Id go with Kansas. I've watched Miami three times this year, vs zona, Clemson and duke, and they didn't impress me much at all in 2 of those games. Zona blew them out of the water and in the Clemson game, Miami struggled to get to 40 points and just looked very average even in victory.

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I think Kansas passes the eye

I think Kansas passes the eye test more than Miami, but I think Miami has a slightly better resume.

Dale Worthington
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LOL, Charles Barkley just

LOL, Charles Barkley just said the Mountain West and the Pac-12 are better than the Big Ten.

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You really have to wonder

You really have to wonder sometimes about what the hell he is smoking. If I didn't know any better I'd say and Michael Beasley hung out with each other.

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