No other team

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No other team

something that is under appreciated is that the Celtics are playing without their

#1 option: Kylie Irving & # 2 option: Kyrie Irving & Marcus Smart who finishes every game

Tell me how these teams do without the comparable players

Warriors: no Steph Curry & no Kevin Durant & Andre Iguadala

Rockets: no James Harden & no Chris Paul & Eric Gordon

Thunder: no Russell Westbrook & no Paul George & Corey Brewer

Cavs: no Lebron James & no Kevin Love & Jordan Clarkson

Raptors: no DeMar Derozan & no Kyle Lowry & Delon Wright

Bucks: no Giannis & no Kris Middleton & Malcolm Brogdon

76er’s: no Ben Simmons & no Joel Embiid & Marco Belinelli

My point is that the Celtics are over performing and no team above wins a series without them

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