Next "new" nba champion

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Next "new" nba champion

In the last 30 years only 9 teams have won an nba title, who do you think will be the next team outside of these 9 to win a ring. I guess the obvious answer is OKC but does anybody think there is another team that could get under their guard and win it all before KD gets his?

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This is actually a great post

This is actually a great post imo, but it's difficult bc as Chicago and Houston comes to mind, they did win within the past 30 years. Okc is obviously the popular choice, but if I was to pick another team, that failed to make the playoffs, I'll say the Pelicans.

That Anthony Davis is one of the few true franchise players, and the only legit big that's a superstar. By that I mean, he's the only big that comes to mind that would still be a star if he played in the era of great bigs. Jrue Holiday is talented and I tend to forget how young he is still. If Gordon/Evans can start playing to potential or they get a talented center next to Davis, this team is going to be contenders year in and year out.

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I fare with Okc of course,

I fare with Okc of course, Nola could be a dark horse. I really thought the Clips had a chance this year before the sterling situation and the okc series began. I also like GS but they are missing something.

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Toronto and Washington are

Toronto and Washington are both young teams on the rise too. Plus they are In the east so they would certainly have an easier road.

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I am going to go out on a

I am going to go out on a limb here and assume that it is not OKC or LAC so...................................

I think it will be a team that is on nobodys radar at this time. Like Miami was not on anyones radar until LaBron signed with them. I don't think it will be anyone who is young and on the rise now as I doubt they will be able to keep it together long enough to outlast the current strong teams. It has to be a team that can attract FA's. I will say the NY Knicks. Not that I think Phil will do a great job of building a team but I think they will get lucky with a couple young players and then be able to build via FA as soon as they rid themselves of a couple current contracts.

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Isn't it only 8 teams that

Isn't it only 8 teams that have won championships in the last 30 years?

Lakers 8
Bulls 6
Spurs 4
Celtics 3
Heat 3
Pistons 3
Rockets 2
Mavericks 1

Back to the original question though beyond the obvious answer of the Thunder, I think the Clips have a real good chance too. Paul is just 29 and with his skill set should excel for another 4-5 years, and Griffin and DJordan are just starting to scratch their potential, still might be a jack-of-all trades swingman away for a championship but they're getting closer

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Yea you are right...maybe he

Yea you are right...maybe he counted the Sixers title in 83.

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If you play the odds, what

If you play the odds, what about the Cavs? They have the top pick in a really good draft.

Joel Embiid looks like the guy. Great big men win titles. Put him with Irving and Waiters and they will start to look good. I think Anthony Bennett will come around.

And, if LeBron doesn't stay in Miami, then I think he goes to Cleveland.

The odds of a title in Cleveland would go up BIG TIME.

Even if LeBron doesn't come, the Cavs could still have a superstar point guard in Kyrie Irving and a superstar center in Joel Embiid (if they draft him). Wiggins and Parker look pretty good, too.

If LeBron is thinking about his legacy, how much would it add to his legacy by going BACK to his hometown team and leading them to a title? Who has done that before? ... if he wins again with the Heat this year that would give him a 3 Peat. Not many guys have done that before. He would join Jordan and Shaq in the "three straight Finals MVP awards" category. And, the first guy since Magic and Bird to even GET to four straight Finals. That would make him the first guy since Bill Russell to do both (win at least three straight rings while going to at least four straight NBA Finals). ... the only thing left for LeBron really would be to go back to Cleveland (not too far from his hometown of Akron) and giving them a championship. LeBron could then join Wilt and Kareem as some of the only guys to win titles as the alpha dog for two DIFFERENT teams with Kareem being the only guy in NBA history to win a Finals MVP award with two separate franchises.

I am going with the Cavs. Don't bet against a team with the top pick in a LOADED draft. And, don't bet against LeBron returning home. If the Heat win the title again this year, then LeBron's best shot at a "FOURPEAT" could actually be next season with the Cavs.

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If Lebron win's the title

If Lebron win's the title this year there is no way he's going anywhere. He'd want to go for the fourpeat with the same team and try to become the first team since Boston won 8 titles in a row from 1959-1966. Yoiu can bedt on that. He will NOT go to the Cavs try to complete his 4 peat back in Cleveland.

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I think if New Orleans

I think if New Orleans ,houston or the warriors get it together they can make a push

okc of course but they need help outside of kd and westbrook

the east isn't fielding any new contenders yet

the pistons and the cavs are teams im going to keep an eye on

but everybody else is to many pieces away or missed their wave.

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